Ingenious Chopsticks Never Touch The Table

The gentle curve of the tines on a fork make spearing food a little easier, but it also helps to keep them from getting dirty when placed on a table. It's an issue that has made chopstick rests a necessary accessory at many restaurants, at least until these brilliant Restless Chopsticks become more mainstream.

Created by Mikiya Kobayashi, the chopsticks feature a clever angled design at the tip, so when not in use, the end that touches your food never comes into contact with the table. It's a brilliantly simple improvement to the chopstick design that unfortunately also seems easy to copy. So even though they're $US15 a pair, it's probably best to buy the real deal to support the clever designer who came up with the idea — before ripoffs show up in every restaurant from here to Wagga.

[Emmo Home via The Fancy]

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