In 2010 Samsung Declined An Offer To License Apple's Patents. Oops

The latest word out of the epic saga that is Apple vs Samsung is that in October 2010, Samsung passed up on an offer from Apple to licence certain of their patents for royalty rates: $US30 per smartphone and $US40 per tablet device. Additionally, Apple was willing to offer Samsung a 20 per cent discount if they agreed to cross-license their own patents back to Apple.

The Cupertino-based company had already begun to suspect Samsung of copying the design of its wildly popular iPhone, and said as much in an an August 2010 presentation.

This latest testimony and evidence, released today, seems to make Samsung's case even bleaker than it had already begun to look. Below is Apple's October 2010 patents presentation to Samsung.

This will never end.

Samsung Apple Oct 5 2010 Licensing


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