In 2010 Samsung Declined An Offer To License Apple's Patents. Oops

The latest word out of the epic saga that is Apple vs Samsung is that in October 2010, Samsung passed up on an offer from Apple to licence certain of their patents for royalty rates: $US30 per smartphone and $US40 per tablet device. Additionally, Apple was willing to offer Samsung a 20 per cent discount if they agreed to cross-license their own patents back to Apple.

The Cupertino-based company had already begun to suspect Samsung of copying the design of its wildly popular iPhone, and said as much in an an August 2010 presentation.

This latest testimony and evidence, released today, seems to make Samsung's case even bleaker than it had already begun to look. Below is Apple's October 2010 patents presentation to Samsung.

This will never end.

Samsung Apple Oct 5 2010 Licensing




    All i can see here is apple saying pay us and let us control what you can do ,
    Also this is apples proposal so of course it dosnt even mention the validity or lack of its claims,
    Its a blatant first step in patent trolling.

      If you read a few pages, it states they (apple) were ready to offer a royalty bearing license as samsung is a strategic supplier at apple.

      Apple for life <3

    It's not an opps. Samsung made the right call, most of those patents are bogus. Translucent GUI elements? How come they aren't suing Windows for the Windows 7 task bar? Object Oriented notifications framework? If you're designing a notification framework in an Object Oriented language then of course it's going to be object oriented.

      Its a legal declaration in the '90s, that forced Microsoft to re-float Apple with a cash injection. The US Government felt that Apple was the 'enemy' that Microsoft needed to have. The Terms of this, force Apple and Microsoft to stay away from each other and there can be no legal recourse.

    Gizmodo is very pro apple. From the article "Apple also sought royalties on Samsung’s non-Android smartphones, including those running the Symbian and Bada operating systems." so they sought a very high royalty, valued samsung's FRAND patents at ~ $8 and wanted royalties on all samsung phones not just the ones that used android. What company is going to accept those terms.

    another quote.... For 2010, Apple estimated that Samsung would have owed Apple approximately $250 million, an amount it noted was far less than Apple was spending on components.

    Of course samsung's going to jump at that offer.

    So a revolutionary new wifi chip costs about $1 per unit in IP, but a slide to unlock graphic, and a rectangle with rounded corners is worth $30. We as a race are doomed, who is going to want to invent a new kind of super computer when designing a stupid graphic is so much more profitable.

    Irrespective of whether these patents are valid and whether Samsung actually infringed on them, 30 dollars is a huge amount to ask for licensing.

    Most phone companies do pay royalties for the tech in their handsets. In these cases (payments to microsoft, nokia etc) the amount is typically 5 dollars or even less.

    Seems fair enough of Samsung not to accept at that price.

      As far as I've read, the EU Trade Office is in the middle of declaring a large number of 'generic' patents held by apple as FRAND. Claiming $30 for the FRAND licence would make it unreasonable, which would give Samsung the high ground.

    I've been an avid fan of mp3 players of various types of different brands over the years. I have watched them move from having tactile buttons only > touchscreens and capacitive control buttons. It seems to me to being a technological progress not copying from one specific company (ie they all differ in designs and controls yet feature the same technology).
    To me its like a car, the basic 4 wheels and a body works well, u then have the body looking different and different engines and interior.
    I just don't see how apple rekon they have the monopoly on the smartphone design. No one has the monopoly on netbooks, laptops, ultrabooks, monitors, cars...
    But I have heard they (apple) wont be happy till no one has a choice but to buy phones just from them (cuz no other supplier exists), and that is sad. I'll go back to my 1990's nokia before that day happens.

    For some reason author of this post and several other posts side with apple. I am pretty sure there is a word for it but can't remember something like f.nboy? Anyway thing patent wars not fun anymore and Apple strecth the matter for too long.

    $40 per tablet? Thats 20% of a $199 tablet. That is totally unreasonable.

    Meh. Over the patent trolling - as well as the pro-Apple articles when they're an unreasonable aggressor. Seriously.

    Apple is one one of the worst but they're all doing the same thing these days.

    I want these companies to innovate for my hard earned $$ - not sue the crap out of each other and stagnate development. I don't like Apple's walled garden or their restrictive user experience but I still want them all to keep challenging each other through new product development.

      thats why I think the galaxy note was great, It was a nice change from all the other black rectangles... even if it was just a bigger one

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