I Want To Crawl Through This Sprawling Lego City

Living in a city is fun, but there's no question any metropolis would be better if it were made entirely out of Lego bricks. Not practical, sure, but as proven by this (mini) architectural installation, very beautiful.

The project, "Porous City," is a giant grid of over 600 Lego towers at 1:1000 scale - an exercise in urban planning, and also a visual feast.

Some edifices, built by MVRDV are standard urban monoliths, while others are strange takes on the skyscraper, resembling Sim City 2000's arcologies.

Each little structure is a little more complex and unorthodox than the one next to it, Architizer reports, showing just how flexible design can be with the aid of both computers and little plastic blocks. It also just looks tremendously cool. How about using a tiny camera to film a tiny chase scene in there? [Architizer]

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