I Want This Toy Star Fighter Poster

Fab toy photographer Avanaut has made this beautiful poster made with his childhood old spaceships. They look beautiful.

A while ago I ran into a box of old spaceships of mine in our cellar, I photographed a few of them and thought it would be nice to document them all while at it. I found a total of 11 spaceships (not including the numerous LEGO ships) in our house, most are my oldies, a couple of them belong to the kid. I shot all of them straight from the bow to capture their character.

He should print them out and start selling. [Flickr]


    SERIOUSLY - "He should print them out and start selling" - Avanaut if your reading this - take note. Customer #1 here will purchase.

      Incorrect. I am number one.

      *puts on shades*

      Deal with it.


        There can be only one number one!

        *picks up sword*

          Nay - four can play at that game!

          *gets on horse and rears for effect*

    Awesome, how to re live your childhood in one easy pic. Great work

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