I Want This Gorgeous Mega-Widescreen Monitor Right Now

So far, Sony and Samsung have dominated IFA with a torrent of magical TVs and new phones. But LG is quietly showing off one of the coolest monitors we've ever seen.

The Verge reports the 2560x1080 29-inch EA93 monitor boasts a highly unconventional 21:9 aspect ratio (most widescreens are 16:9). This means more screen real estate for windows aplenty, possibly sparing your desk from an additional monitor. It'd also make for a pretty fantastic Windows 8 display, giving the horizontal-heavy Metro Start Menu plenty of room to luxuriate. We wouldn't mind perhaps a little extra resolution though. No word on pricing or availability, but expect it to cost a lot of money. [The Verge]


    This looks really nice. I currently have two monitors at work, and could make use of a third, but 1 super-wide monitor with an additional normal monitor sounds like a better idea.

    As long as there is some software to manage "virtual" desktop area. I wouldn't want every program I maximise to take up the full screen by default.

      Never used windows 7 hey?


        That not what he is saying, you cant set it up to split a monitor area so that it acts as a separate monitor (so that maximising a screen sticks in an area not like aero snap)

          Just use Win-LeftArrow or Win-RightArrow...

            Nope, that will use half the screen. I currently run three monitors and have different apps windows open on each, minimising and maximising all the time. Huge screen space is great, but makes management harder.

              Buy an ATI graphics card and they have drivers to set up virtual workspaces... It's called HydraVison and it works great.

    Imagine having two. No!!! THREE of these suckers sitting on your desk. Whoo Hah! =)

      Lol, you would end up just toasting yourself. Soaking up the rays.

      Looks pretty good. Chris has a good point though. The maximise button works great on normal monitors, because you maximise and it takes up one monitor. I wouldn't want maximise to take up this whole monitor. I'm guessing it will though.

      3 of them in portrait.... that would be awesome!!!

    windowsKey + left / right arrow will be your friend with this monitor.

      if you hang the screen over the edge of a desk to rotate it (if it rotates at all) because it is much wider then it is tall.

    If you described it to me I wouldn't be fussed but seeing the photos has convinced me that I need one in my life.

    That's the problem. One monitor, 5x the price. I'd rather buy 3 and still save a bundle

    I'd get one just to piss off those people who want you to share your desktop in net meetings

    iMac cinema please!

    It's just a pity Excel doesn't really work that well when used like shown here.

    3-5 of these in portrait mode using eyefinity... sure it would require 4 graphics cards, but it would be so awesome!

    Maybe a little curve / bend would be nicer.

    Oh baby come home to papa!!

    screen res is still smaller then the thunderbolt display :P

      'then the thunderbolt display'... what? Went for a walk? Don't keep us in suspense. :p

    Looks crap to me. 2560 x 1080 over that size will have appalling large pixels, and still the pathetic 1080 vertical res. Also needs to be curved.

    If this was 7680 x 1440/1600 it would have been infinitely more worthy.

    Well, being as how this is still new tech, ofcourse there's room for improvements.
    But it's a start.
    Now they just need to combine this with flexible display tech and give me a hi res, wrap around display for my flight / driving sims
    Oooh yeah..

    Certainly beats seeing bezel in the center of your screen real estate.

    This will make it easier to write a all my programs all one one line.

    21:9 displays have been around for some time now. Not really that unconventional.

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