I Keep My Phone On Silent To Protect My Own Sanity

At some point last year (or maybe two years ago?), I decided to abandon ringtones and alerts of all sorts, in favour of the mild buzz of a vibration. I don't want to hear text messages or even phone calls come in -- ever. I don't want to constantly have my ear pricked for some sort of contact from the outside world.

I don't want to hallucinate a text message chime. It makes me crazy. Crazed for communication. To check on my own time, at will, when I'm ready to be reached, is much more manageable.

How do you keep your phone?

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    I haven't had my phone set to ring in years - vibrate only. Much better that way.

      Some sound FX wouldn't hurt either!

      I actually have mine set to Silent, if someone needs to talk to me they can leave a VM.

    cool story bro

      needs more dragons

        ...and laser beams

          A couple of goblins couldn't hurt

    Swords slicing the cacti

    I grabbed the "Bonkers" sample from Dizzee Rascal's song and that is my SMS tone. There's nothing crazy about me!

    But Molly, do you now hallucinate the vibrating phone?

    this has a problem though..
    for instance, when my phone is in my pocket, i constantly feel "phantom vibrations" and those can be just as annoying :|

      Actually I was going to ask that as I thought the same thing. Molly, Do you notice an increase in the amount of phantom vibrations you have received? How much time before you stopped hallucinating message tones?

    I always have my phone on silent. I know exactly how annoying it can be to have someones shitty ringtone go off right next to you. I don't wanna be that guy....

    Same, phone is always on silent/vibrate. I don't have a phone so that the World can contact me, I have a phone so that I can contact the World.

    And yes, if it's so important, send a text and I'll phone you back.

    I have yet to find a reliable scheduler for iPhone. Something auto silences my phone after 9pm. Until then, always-silent is the only way to go. Shame, cause I'm quite fond of obnoxious tones when it's not 4:30 in the morning and friends overseas are updating statuses.

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