HTC One X After Four Months: Weird Batteries And Wimpy Gorillas

We've been using the One X for four months and this is a truly awesome phone. But we've got a few gripes.

• It gets really hot. Yesterday I put the phone in my pants, took my pants off (don't ask), then put my pants back on again, and noticed -- not for the first time -- how incredibly hot this phone gets even when it's sitting idle. Play a game on this sucker, and forget about it: wear gloves or something. It's not just me, right?

• It pocket dials all the wrong people. The screen is big; the screen is sensitive -- two good things when slicing people in half in Samurai II: Vengeance. But I carry the One X in my front pocket of my jeans, and on more than one occasion, the phone has dialled 000 without my fingers ever touching it. The culprit is almost certainly that giant "emergency call" button on the lock screen. This happen to anyone else? (Note: If it does, please stay on the line and tell the 000 operator that you dialled in error.)

• Tough but a little chintzy. Yeah, I've dropped this thing a few times without it breaking -- and kudos for that -- but the consistent wear and tear is taking a toll. In one spot, a coat of that spiffy matte paint has worn off, presumably from moving it in and out of my pocket. And the once brilliant white exterior is definitely dulling a bit. What about you?

• The screen scratches pretty easy. I am pretty careful with my phone, but on two separate occasions scratches have appeared as if out of nowhere. Anyone else?

• HOLY BATTERY LIFE. I get about five solid hours. Yup: Five hours and I'm in the yellow. And no, my screen is not trying to imitate the sun: I've got the thing on half-brightness. According to the little built in powermeter app, there's nothing taking an overlarge sip either. I'm mystified. This is a relatively new thing, too -- it only started getting really bad when I updated to 4.0.3. Do I have a lemon? Is this happening to you?

On The Plus Side

• Still draws a lot of lustful glances and "what phone is that?" comments, if that's something that matters to you. (It matters to me.)

OK, I'm done. How about you guys? Own a One X? What's your experience with the phone? Let us know in the comments below.

HTC One X Specs

OS: Android 4.04 Screen: 4.7-inch Super LCD2 Processor and RAM: 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 / 1GB RAM Storage: 16GB (no SD slot) Camera: Back: 8MP, Front: 1.3MP Weight: 129g Battery: 1800mAh Li-Po



    I've had mine for about 2 months now.
    1. Mine doesn't get hot like that. Not when idle, nor when playing games. It only heats up when its on charge, and it doesn't get hot, just warm.
    2. mine doesn't pocket dial, or pocket anything. It doesn't even have an emergency call button on the lockscreen.
    3. I don't think I've ever dropped it on anything that wasn't carpet or my bed, but I have noticed a little bit of paint chipping. Just really small spots though. Nothing as big as in that picture though.
    4. I haven't got any noticeable scratches on my screen. I have really tiny ones, but I can't see them when I'm using it, and they're really hard to see when I'm not.
    5. I charge mine up every night, and it lasts me throughout the day. I couldn't say how long it lasts when constantly used. Doesn't last long when playing 3d games though.

    My real gripes with it would have to be:
    a. Speed. It's already slowing down, and I haven't put that much junk on it yet. My dad's single core wp7 phone feels slightly faster.
    b. The keyboard. It has too many buttons on it, and feels too cramped, even on such a big screen. I often accidentally hit the voice recognition button instead of the comma button, which gets really annoying. I've already hit it three times while writing this. And I also hit the hide keyboard button when trying to hit shift sometimes too. Also, the arrow keys don't always show up in every app, which is odd.
    c. It sometimes has difficulty staying connected to my wireless network, although I'm not sure if that's the phone's fault or my mini WiFi modem's.

      @lambogirl99 You 've got a handset from a batch of One Xs with WiFi problems. The problems will only get worse as the pins in your phone get bent down more. See this thread for more info:

    Ok, I've got the One XL 4G (the actual dual core), the One X is a quad-core device. This was one of the main reasons I went with the XL, the dual core gives me better battery life and I didn't need that much processing power in my phone (not to mention that there's precious little difference in speed).

    With the XL, I can consistently get 2 full days out of a complete charge (with browsing through the day and frequent calls) so I've been pretty happy with it. Switching off fast-boot really made a big difference to my battery life, so it's a move I recommend.

    I know what you mean on the pocket issues, and I also find that sometimes my phone will turn itself off in my pocket (my gut is probably leaning on the power/lock button :( )

    My only real gripe with this phone was not having cycling home screens (easily fixed with Nova Launcher - if you havent used this, seriously check it out, really light and really fast! )

    Surprised that the camera didn't get a mention in this review either, it's head and shoulders above most of the competition (would love a manual camera button or volume button to take photo option)

    Having had an SII (felt too cheap) and an SIII (felt even cheaper) and every iteration of the iPhone (I break stuff) I can honestly say this phone is the best device I've owned in many years (personal opinion, not a hard fact)

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else thinks of the One X/XL

    I've had the HTC One X for around a month and a half, I haven't noticed any of these problems.
    My battery lasts well over 9 hours.
    Mine hasn't become overly hot either, my old HTC Legend became almost untouchable with the aluminium body after charging.
    I have opted not to put a screen lock on so I haven't had any misdialing problems.

    Mine is about a month old. I am quite happy with everything. I have found it only gets hot while playing games that really get the CPU moving.

    The battery is great! Uses NOTHING when it is in my pocket. I recon it could stay on standby for 3 days. When I check power useage, the screen is the biggest culprit of battery drain by far. On a normal day, I make a few short calls and a few messages, read news articles, play a few games, play some music. I would say average usage. Still only needs a nightly charge unless I get stuck into a game for a while.

    My only drama is that I have the live wallpaper bug, that freezes the LWP animations when scrolling between home screens.

    As for pocket dialing, I didn't turn on the security lock screen, so I haven't had a problem.

    Overall I am very happy with it. Would recommend it to anyone!

    Hopefully Jelly Bean will sort out your issues.

    I have similar problem with my One X. Having to constantly carry around USB cable every where is frustrating. After I flash Jelly Beans on this, no more worries about the battery drain and overheating. Google is getting it right I guess :) happier than ever!!

    Had mine since May and absolutely agree that it heats up hotter than anything I've owned prior, but its no huge deal. I love the phone but have a couple issues worth pointing out:

    1. Given the size it was always gonna be a challenge to use with one hand but the slippery polycarbonate body makes it doubly tough to prevent it slipping out of your hand.
    2. Yeah the battery life on mine isn't outstanding but I manage to survive each day.
    3. The front facing camera needs cleaning with a cotton bud before any use.
    4. Mine has developed two of the well documented issues of a small yellow dot on the screen and the WiFi antenna may have a dodgy connection. Both irrelevant to me if HTC maintain the excellent customer service they've provided thus far and get them both fixed.

    Apart from that its a tremendous phone which i'd recommend to anyone. Particularly in black, as my imported model is ;).

    Ummm, not meaning to be condescending.....but ALL those issues, bar the getting hot one, can be fixed with a cover....

    I have a leather slip pouch from HTC- Mine is in perfect condition except for a small dent on the bottom right where I dropped it on concrete.

    I have an XL, so my battery life varies- some days I'm lucky to get 5 hours. Some days I get 15. It's entirely dependent on exactly what you're doing with it. I've got a multitude of chargers though, so it's not an issue.

    Agree about the heat. Idle its fine, but when its working hard the screen gets dammed close to uncomfortable to hold....

    Never pocket dialed, but the unlock screen is probably stopping that from happening.

    Whites holding up okay, but 2 very slight scratches on screen that i have no idea about. And given how nice the phone is, lovely curves etc, i really really don't want to use a case/screen protector, but may be forced to.

    I upgraded from Desire HD, so battery life is massive improvement, idle lasts basically forever. Actually browsing, 5-6 hours will kill it. But i dont have any worries about getting through a day of use.

    Had my phone since April and have not got any of the issues what the article has stated except the hot part, that's only because I have a lot of apps running and play games, it tend to heat up.

    The phone is scratch free (i put a cover for it) and is rooted. I think you should consider rooting your phone! ;)

    Yes the One x does get hot, but only when you don't close apps properly. Like it was said before a cover and screen protectors go along way. I have installed JuiceDefender app and it works better than expected. Giving my One x at least half a days more battery life. I've had mine for 4 month and my wife who has an iphone 4 is envious. hehe.

    I ended up disliking it so much I sold it and purchased a Galaxy Nexus, I went backwards in technology and forward in so many aspects.



    I've been using mine (white, 32gb model) for a couple of months now:

    'Toughness' issues... none, due to a good case and screen protector:
    - Barely There Slim Case by Casemate is awesome, and barely noticeable (looks like part of the phone).
    - I have no scratches at all on my phone. Still looks brand new!

    'Heat' issues ... none. I find that my case disperses any heat nicely. It really is a fantastic case.

    'Dialing' issues ... none. I have to press the sleep/wake button, then pull the screen unlock ring, before getting to my pattern lock screen (or facial recognition screen, depending if I'm trying to impress people). It is impossible for my phone can dial any number automatically from my pocket.

    'Battery' issues: found a couple of things that made a massive difference. Currently at 9h14m and my battery is at 73%.
    Tip #1 - turn off Fast Boot (settings -> power). This nearly doubled my battery life.
    Tip #2 - turn off autosync for all apps except the ones I need (gmail / weather). Again, massive improvement in battery life.

    Biggest issue thus far:
    - For some reason, Google Drive caused 'Android OS' to eat up my battery very quickly. Uninstalled and problem gone. Might try and re-install and turn off auto-sync for that app to see if this solves the problem.

    Love this phone!

    Okay, so first of all, I'm going to make a really obvious comment:
    You own a HTC One XL, not a HTC One X. These are two different phones.

    Now, in my experiences (with the One X, not the One XL):
    -The battery is amazing, I can use it a reasonable amount all day and get home with about 30% battery, and my days frequently go from 6:30AM to 8PM
    -One tiny scratch on the screen in one spot, this is from when I dropped it on the corner of a metal frame desk
    -Heats up only if being used heavily whilst charging

    This is far and away the best phone I've ever used.

    I've got the Telstra XL (32GB), only gripe I have is the screen.
    I've dropped it several times through lack of care, and had it in my pocket a few times with my keys, and the screen has two or three pretty deep scratches in it.
    I've got an OtterBox Defender coming for it, but I fear that the scratches on the screen are going to stand out under the screen protector.

    I don't have any problems with battery life now that I'm running Juice Defender Ultimate.

      Sorry, but you can't have a " gripe" with the screen if the scratches are a result of dropping it and having it in your pocket with keys, that's just carelessness. It's like saying you have a gripe with the paint on your car because you crashed it.

    I've got a One XL, some of my gripes are the same.

    That screen is just fucking stupid. It's FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR too big. Which sucks down the juice. Which means you need to turn down the brightness to get a decent day's usage out of it (I'm on 1/4, any higher and I can't use a full day). I think reviewers should really look at screens in "real world" usage scenarios. Sure these screens look fantastic when at full brightness, but when you can't actually run the phone for more than 10 minutes at full brightness, it's pretty pointless.

    Can't say I've had it get terribly hot though..... Sure it gets warm when I'm playing games, but you know that is using a lot of CPU, the screen's constantly on, and it's in my hot hands. In my pocket though it doesn't warm up at all.

    HTC One X with CM10. Best phone I've owned. Coming from iPhone, HTC HD2, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s.

    My GPS has stopped working. I can't use any GSP tracking apps (i.e. Navigate) also when it did work when ever I was stationary the direction would jump around like I was spinning on the spot.

    I contacted HTC and I have to return it to my place of purchase.

    Can't say I've experienced the above. My phone had a case for a short while, but has mostly lived naked. I have one very fine scratch which is impossible to see unless you clean the screen and look for it. How you ask? Don't keep it in your pocket with your keys!! Duh.

    Mine is the One X (Tegra 3) as opposed to the AT&T/Telstra version (I believe this review is from Giz US where it's simply called the One X, but it's not really) and it's been excellent. Yes it gets hot under use, but it's got a freakin quad core CPU!

    This is an American article, hence the dual core AT&T One X with 4.0.4. The Aussie model is the Tegra quad core with 4.0.3.

    Why can't we have a local review of an Aus model handset? That way, the article would actually be relevant to the readers of Aus Gizmodo.... It ain't rocket surgery .

    I have a dark grey One XL/32 from Telstra. I have noticed it get warm from time to time and the battery's not fantastic. However My HTC Desire and HTC Desire Z (grey import) before this both had periods of unusual warmth and sub-desirable battery life. I've been trained to deal with this by leaving it on the charger when I'm at my work desk and rebooting the thing when it's "warm without cause" (i.e. background process). I have to admit that the One XL gets warm less often than the Desire did (I don't play games generally, but it's the times it gets warm for no apparent reason I worry about).

    Before I got a screen protector, I had it in my wallet pocket for about a week, with occasional trips into my keys/coins pocket with not even the slightest scratch on the screen.
    The phone's slippery as all get-out and is risky to use one-handed. The width of the screen also hampers one-handed use (And I have pretty long fingers). Often the base of my thumb touches the screen, fudging-up a one-handed unlock attempt. Having the screen-protector has added a bit of grip so it's not so slippery any more.

    Was rather gobsmacked that I got 33Mbps down over LTE in a test once. Alas there's no LTE coverage around my work (and I have WiFi at home - not that there's any LTE coverage there either). By the time LTE reaches where I would use it, no doubt there will be more LTE handsets sucking-up all my precious bandwidth.

    1. No keyboard
    2. I swear the alarms just don't trigger from time to time.

    I've had my HTC One X for a couple of months and am generally happy with it. I notice it getting hot only if I've been playing a game or watching a video - otherwise the running temperature is generally ok. Although, it does get a little hot when talking on it - just remembered that as I don't really talk on it very often.

    I had a couple of days that drained the battery in 4 hours - but when I looked it was one process doing it all and was because of a sync error. Stupid thing. So when I fixed that I get a good 7 hours of heavy use and a full day and a half with light use and lots of standby.

    I don't have a case on it, and put it in and out of my jeans a lot. No scratches or even much wear and tear. That said, I haven't dropped it and I never have keys in my pocket with it (learned that on a previous phone!).

    Anyway, really happy with the phone. Even happier since loading Renovate ROM on it - better battery and smoother interface. Very happy with my move across from the iOS dark side. :-)

    Had the Telstra XL 4g version and its great. No scratches, crazy fast.... Battery isn't great, but It's better than my old desire is now by a factor of 2. Sometimes I'm surprised by the long battery life, sometimes it surprises me that its flat. LTE is amazing! I live in a small city in Tasmania, and. I get 45mbps at work. At home it always jumps between full 3g reception and 1 bar of LTE... The one bar of LTE us faster than my adsl2 connection.

    Only gripes are battery life, and the screen is just a tad to big. Only just, but a slightly smaller screen would mean better battery life and more pocket room :)

    Would I recommend? Yes, definitely... But I'd check whether you get Telstra LTE coverage first. Otherwise a much cheaper 3g phone would probably suffice

    It sure does get hot but I've really enjoyed the warmth this winter. Sometimes I play a game just before getting off the train at night to warm me up
    Haven't dropped it so no issues there. Battery is definitely not great but I haven't been impressed with battery on any smartphone. I keep a charger at work and avoid any dramas.

    Had my HTC one X onthe day of launch with vodafone
    Not one of them things has happened to me. I spend about 1 hour a day playing ski safari and other games. What app is used often and a few calls here and there. I also listen to music everyday about 40 mins a day.

    I can get 2 days out of it.

    What drains a battery that a lot of people dont know is reception, if you have poor reception your phone will drain more battery.

    Disabling fast-boot in settings>power will make a nice improvement on battery life on any of the One range of handsets

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