HP's Spectre XT Touchsmart Has A Screen So Beautiful, You Can't Help But Touch It

The idea of a touchscreen shoehorned into a traditional laptop form factor still seems a bit strange, but like it or not, they're coming. And as such, HP's Spectre XT Touchsmart is a pretty good way of doing it if it has to be done. Instead of using some cheap display panel, the company opted for a 15.6-inch bonded IPS panel, ensuring a screen that's as responsive as it is vibrant.

As for the rest of the laptop, the company offers the latest Ivy Bridge Core i5 and Core i7 chipsets, up to eight gigabytes of RAM and the choice between a 500 gigabyte HDD (with a 32 gig flash cache), or a 256 gigabyte SSD. And along with the usual array of USB 3.0, HDMI and gigabit ethernet, the Spectre XT Touchsmart has Thunderbolt. A first for HP and a rarity among PCs.

As for the build, it's plenty slim at 17.9 millimetes and fairly light at 4.77 pounds. The aluminium body is pretty solid, but the only gripe is with the trackpad, which is raised up from the surface and has a sharp, uncomfortable edge. Trying to pull off a side swipe gesture using the trackpad in Windows 8 kinda sucks. But otherwise, the laptop looks like it could be a decent entry from HP.

The company also announced a cheaper touched enabled laptop — the Envy Touchsmart Ultrabook 4. It has a 14-inch, touch-friendly LCD, 8 hours of battery life, and the option of an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 chipset with up to 8 gigs of RAM and the same storage options as the Spectre XT Touchsmart. Release date isn't final yet, but the price will likely fall somewhere in the $US800-$900 range.

The Spectre XT Touchsmart will be available in December starting at $US1400. [HP]



    They are going to be in trouble for those rounded corners.

    Damn that keyboard looks like a macbook keyboard.

      definitely, the way there are a grid of buttons with various letters and commands on them is very apple- esque.

        There are millions of keyboards around. If someone took a snapshot close-up of THAT keyboard, I can guarantee 90% of people would think at first glance that it was an apple keyboard.

        Apple is an idiot for doing what they did to samsung in my opinion, but there's no need for an excess of sarcasm regarding their design trends and what "apple owns", and also no need for sarcasm towards someone who is actually stating a fact.

        Thems fightin words

      Worse- it looks like a tacky imitation of an Apple keyboard. Very disappointing. It's not even like black keys floating about in the middle of a silver base is actually a good design in the first place. I will never understand why companies chose tom imitate the crappier aspects of Apple design. -like that ugly central home button on the iphones that so many Samsung phones have had too since the 1st Galaxy. Why?????

      I think you'll find that Sony were the first to use a chiclet keyboard on a laptop.

    Seriously, can't anyone come up with their own designs these days...

    Who cares if they copy Apple, laptops need a strong boost in technological development.

    I own a Toshiba Satalite C655 (aka piece of shit... yet cost $500). See.... this is the problem, the standard laptops are garbage because they lack battery life, power, and graphical capabilities to play games. The industry needs to rise above this to where every laptop is compatible with at least what current gen consoles can do. I'm holding off as long as I possibly can so by the time I fork out another $500 it'll be a greatly improved laptop than the shit they have currently on shelves.

      You can get that, you just have to be willing to pay the price. the 500$ laptops are never going to be able to keep up, and im sure they're designed not to. I hear intel 4000 does a pretty decent job for integrated graphics though. if your'e looking for budget gaming though, a desktop is definitely the best price/power ratio.
      as for me, a laptop is about intangibles you can't put on a spec list. The quality of the display, the comfort and size of the keyboard, the accuracy of the trackpad, the overall build quality. The rest of the specs are all relatively the same, but these specs are what makes a laptop enjoyable to use.

    How soon before Apple start suing HP for copying the Macbook Pro design?

    In all seriousness, this looks really promising and would LOVE to see the Australian pricing and other relevant launch details.

    Has anyone commented on how this looks like an Apple product yet? Oh, wait..

    Forget who copied who - I just can't see the point of a touch screen laptop... a tablet yes, but I can't remember that last time i thought (long sentence coming) 'wow, i wish i could move my hands away from the rested control area they are in and start holding up my outreached arms for a number of minutes to perform something that can be done (relatively) perfectly well with a multi-touch trackpad and mouse and smudge the hell out of my screen'.

    Even the font on the keys is pretty much identical to a Macbook keyboard….

    Why is it that these HUGE companies cannot just get some of the thousands of young design students straight out of uni and get them to design something BETTER looking than a macbook. Has the rest of the tech industry just given up on designing their own stuff?

    correct me if im wrong here but from memory I recall being told Sony was the first to design the keyboards with individual keys and Apple copied them.

    I think the Remington No. 1 typewriter of the early 1870s has the honour of first commercialising such a keyboard. However, most of the design work for that (QWERTY keyboard) was done by Christopher Scholes before he flogged off the device to Remington who wanted to manufacture something else in addition to weapons.

    This is a situation where Apple really should sue.

    It looks like a Macbook Pro.

    Just echoing everyone else... yeah, how soon before Apple sue HP (and they so should).
    If (and let me reiterate... IF) I wanted a slab of featureless aluminium with sharp edges I can cut my wrists on to lug around, I'd get a Macbook. 10:1 it's probably better built than the HP anyway.
    That said, the nice big IPS touch screen does look kinda nice

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