How To Get Flash Back On Your Android Device

Today marks the first day of a world without Flash for Android users. If this day crept up on you like it did me, you're going to want to read this about how to get it on your device from here on out.

Adobe announced back in June that it would no longer support Flash for Android devices, which meant that going forward you'd face a cold world without Flash for your shiny new devices.

Adobe said in a blog post that it wouldn't take Flash Player beyond Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and added that it would limit future installations of Flash Player to certified, tested and approved devices via Google Play.

If you had a version of Android that worked with Flash Player and upgraded it to Android 4.1 and beyond, Adobe will essentially write you off.

Don't worry, you read correctly. Adobe is saying that for Flash Player to continue working as it should, it advises not updating your core operating system. If you do update Android -- as you rightfully should -- you're encouraged to uninstall Flash Player, as it might start misbehaving on your device.

Flash will still exist on the Google Play store, but if you're rocking something that isn't on Adobe's approved devices list, you're out of luck for an install. It's a lengthy list, but that's not the point. The point is that the only way you'll get Flash in future is by sideloading the app.

Sideloading basically describes the process of installing applications that you've sourced from outside of the Google Play store. It's one of Android's great features: the fact that you can go and get any app you like, even if it's not distributed through an overarching app store and install it. It's the antithesis of Apple's walled iOS platform.

Sideloading sounds great, but it isn't without issue. There are a lot of risks when it comes to sideloading, especially when you're trawling around the seedier parts of the internet looking for things to install on your device. It's worth mentioning that you should only ever install apps from sources you trust and to keep your head about you when looking around for new apps.

Installing an untrusted app can open you up to a whole world of malware-like hurt on your device. It's easy enough to dress up a malicious app as a friendly one, and before you know it, the app you thought was your friend has taken you down a proverbial alley to kick the hell out of you and steal all your details. You've been warned.

Also, don't pirate apps you find by looking for free versions online. That's a real douche move.

So, where's a good place to get an a version of Flash you can sideload? Well, Adobe actually hosts versions of Flash Player on its website right back to Flash Player 10.1 for Android. Don't count on those being there forever though.

Another great source is the strong and helpful community over at the XDA Forums. XDA hosts a community of developers and Android enthusiasts who all want to do awesome things with Android.

Right now, this thread is where you want to be to get the Flash Player .apk, but like Adobe's own page, it's not going to be there forever.

Vale Flash Player.



    good riddance

    wish Chrome would unbundle it, biggest cause of Chrome crashes are Flash

    Im a flash developer and I agree 110 percent that Flash should NOT be on mobile devices. It has its uses on Desktops/laptops (although limited and diminishing), but it is an unstable, battery hungry, CPU hogging bandwidth dwindling unusable piece of crap on mobile devices.

      Works fine on sites like ABC iview or even porn tube sites. :)
      I find porly coded javascript far, far more of an issue with battery and CPU etc on most websites. Indeed, in most instances Flash is the very least of your worries on any mobile device because all instances of it are easy to block or enable separately (in Android), while most of the other stuff out there is not and can have seriously screwy effects on your mobile device.
      -In some mobile browsers (not all) you can disable Javascript, but unfortunately that makes many sites unusable.

    This sucks so much! I make my living off making flash games for mobile devices and this now has halved my customer base >=(

      Really? There is enough people out there playing flash games on their mobile devices for someone to make a living out of it!? It runs so poorly and darins the battery so quickly. With all the games available on the app store that run natively I'm surprised anyone would prefer to play a flash game...

      Time to grow up and step into the 21st century. Flash is old technology dressed up like a Texas whore. Why not learn how to rely code for the web instead of using pretend tools? The sooner flash is obliterated from the face of the earth, the better. It's only lazy, pimple faced teens who are obsessed by it.

    Anti apple flamers are going to have to come up with a new reason to hate iOS...

      Speaking as an iPhone 4 user, there are plenty of reasons, but flash was never one of them.

    Lots of video players use flash which is why I use it, i.e. small websites which for some reason use their own proprietary players. It's also a good way to get around the random restrictions youtube has on playing some videos on mobile devices.

    Sure it might be a battery drain blah blah, but I'd rather have it available than not at all, and HD res flash video has worked fine ever since the SGSII, I never found it to be a performance issue.

    aaaaaaaand we're back to where Apple said things would be. Flash on mobile devices just isn't worth putting with the bad coding, battery drain and poor performance. Apple saw it, and the Android world took great pleasure in roasting them for it.

    I'm not an Apple fanboi, but if they called it early on, you've got to give them credit for it.

    ok better tell Microsoft to stop supporting usb 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 when they bring out 4.0 otherwise people might no use the new 4.0 stuff and keep there old mouse and joystick and not buy our new stuff sounds like people forget about backwards compatibility.
    when html5 can run flash vids and stuff ....then and only then adobe, you have my permission to die.

    It would be very helpful if the authour of this blog would simply post the link to adobe flash player suitable gor android 4

      You said it how difficult would that be and for someone like me who's just bought my first andriod tablet a tf300t over getting an Apple then doing this firmware update to 4.1.1.........I'm now confused to how to go about these things......long story short good point made.


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