How Much It Cost To Design Famous Logos

How Much It Cost To Design Famous Logos

Some companies think logos and branding are so important that they spend millions and millions of dollars on designing them. Other companies go with something simple and end up spending nothing. The funny thing? It’s usually the companies that spend little on designing logos that become the most iconic brands.

Seriously, companies like BP spend $US211,000,000 (recount those zeroes) on the rebranding process (designing the logo $US4.6 million, changing fixtures I’d imagine, cost a helluva lot more) while Coke has been rocking the same logo for years. It pays to nail it your first time. StockLogos compiled the cost of designing many famous companies and its a doozy. [Stock Logos via Design Taxi]

Sergey Brin designed the original logo in Gimp. It’s obviously been tweaked since.

Steve Jobs famously got Paul Rand to design the logo for Next.

Designed by Simon Oxley in 2009 (it’s also been updated)

35 bucks is pretty cheap for the most famous swoosh in the world. To Nike’s credit, Nike gave the designer, Carolyn Davidson, stock now worth $US600,000

I could have done this for at least a thousand dollars cheaper.

I don’t know how many times Pepsi has rebranded itself.

Aside from a slight hiccup with new Coke, the Coca Cola logo has stayed relatively the same since 1885.

Designed by Wolff Ollins, it still looks like Lisa Simpson doing something dirty.