How Microsoft Designed Its New Logo

Andrew Watson, a graphic artist and lover of fonts, hilariously created this graphic which points out "how" Microsoft created its brand spanking new logo: by using Apple's go to font Myriad Pro and making a few tweaks. The font Microsoft uses is called Segoe and it's lovely but it's more funny to make this connection:

Serious? Of course not. Funny? We think so. We generally like the new Microsoft logo though we're secretly hoping that the boys from Redmond will one day bring the super snazzy original logo back. [Andrew Brett Watson via Daring Fireball]


    I think this would have been funnier if they shortened it.

    1) Type Microsoft in the Segoe font (It's already on your computer!)
    2) Make it grey
    3) Draw some squares (Make sure to use only Metro colours!)

      No thats the easy way and doesn't suggest that MS stole off Apple like everyone else does.....

      I had an apple (food product, please don't sue me Apple) and when I took a bit out of it, it looked similar to the Apple logo, I quickly destroyed the apple incase Apple tried to sue me.

        You know who else totally ripped off Apple? The Beatles. You know they set up Apple Records, with reckless disregard for the soon-to-exist computer company.

          Jobs went to Heaven to sue God because Apple is God and thou shalt worship no other. They copyrighted that phrase too.

    So apple now have exclusive rights to a font? What is this? It's like anytime a company makes a good change these days people will rip it apart looking for similarities in apple's products, then call it copying. People keep blaming companies for bad design decisions compared to apples simple design, then when they change and make their design more simple, copying. Apple doesn't own simplicity.

    Jebus, I work at tweaking and recreating fonts all day and I don't find this funny in the least. This is a real font noob joke. Besides, Myriad Pro is an Adobe font and only one of many that Apple uses, just as many hundreds of thousands companies do because Myriad is a default in illustrator. I don't think Apple use it anymore though.


      I personally hate the Myriad font. But Microsoft cleaned up some of the lines and angles to make Segoe and made it much more attractive.
      And I hate how its the default in Illustrator, but I never get around to changing the default, lol.

        Microsoft didn't make Segoe, Monotype did. They licensed it to Microsoft.

        Anyway, I'm an Apple fan, but the guy who made that is trying too hard.

          MS have made a lot of changes to Segoe, adding a number of new typefaces to the set (which they have patented, of course).

      thankyou! I was thinking the same thing. They're as similar as any sans serif is to another.

      Public perception: Everything used by Apple was 'invented' by Apple.

    I think they should have said.
    1. Look at your nice logo.
    2. Take some boring pills.
    3. Now look at your logo again.

    who else here would like to write articles where your target audience reads them and then ponders on why they wasted 30 seconds of their life?

    I personally like it. Don't care that it's simple, in fact I love that its simple. Eg Apple have since simplified their logo from the original and it's heaps better too. Either way we are all talking about it so its more than done its job.

    did he miss the 'c'? the stroked ends got straightened as well, anyway this guy's trying hard to be an apple fan

    I don't care about the font. It's okay. But the new icon? Can we say "let's look through the square window"? I think there's a bear in there.

    Apple have filed a lawsuit this morning siting copy infringement. Apparently apple owns the futhorc runic alphabet.

    - Real life apple fanboy!

    *Groan* I can't believe I just read that. I thought this may have been an intelligent article.

    look at your old logo
    now look down
    now lookup
    your graphics cards failed
    marvel at your new logo!

    It would've been the funniest if their logo also had rounded corners. There'd be a new bad boy in copy town, and his name would've been Microsoft.

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