How Many Customers Does Telstra Have?

Telstra released its 2011/2012 full year earnings report to the market today, and while it's loaded with boring financial numbers it still contains information on how many subscribers Telstra has and more importantly, it tells us just how many 4G subscribers there are.

  • Telstra added 1.56 million new mobile subscribers to its various networks over the last 12 months, bringing the total mobile subscriber base up to 13.8 million. Compare that to Telstra's last three years worth of announcements, and it's the company's second best in terms of customer adds. Its best was in 2010/2011 when mobile customer adds topped 1.66 million over 12 months.
  • Fixed broadband customer subscriptions increased by 203,000 to 2.6 million in total.
  • Customers on Telstra's bundle plans now total 1.4 million, marking a 233,000-customer growth over the last 12 months.
  • Telstra now has 375,000 active 4G devices on its 4G network, which now covers 40 per cent of the population using over 1000 base stations. Compare that to Next G's 98 per cent coverage and it's still got a fair way to go.
  • Telstra's fixed line customer base is declining by 6.1 per cent year-on-year.
  • Also on declines, Sensis is still losing money due to the shift from print to online advertising, with revenue down another 17.7 per cent this year.
  • Overall, Telstra's revenue increased by 1.3 per cent to $25.4 billion for year ending 30 June 2012, with net profit after tax coming in at just over $3.42 billion.
  • Telstra's customer satisfaction increased, with TIO level 1 complaints involving the telco declining by 26 per cent. Telstra is attributing this to better service via mobile apps and the new bill format making it easier for people to understand what they're paying.
  • Telstra has already handed over access to its dark fibre network and exchange racks to NBN Co to facilitate a speedier roll-out of the National Broadband Network.
  • CEO David Thodey's total pay increased by $2.5 million this year thanks to him hitting his targets this year. That increase brings his annual salary to $7.69 million (including salary, bonuses and share allocation).

You can read the whole presentation here (PDF).


    I would prefer figures on how many customers are satisfied with their horrible customer service

      You'd be surprised how much better they have been. Not enough to increase the prices, I might add.

        Their Telstra 24x7 system is legitimately the best customer service ever.

      In fairness pretty much all the telco's are equally terrible when it comes to customer service.

      I am happy with them....and most i know are as well. If you have an issue they will fix it.

      There are a small number of people who are unhappy, but the stereotype is not applicable anymore.

      Time to get something else to troll.

    The monster just keeps getting bigger...

    David Thodey is better than Sol Trujillo but not worth $7.69 Million. What a joke just meeting worse to bad targets gets you $2.5 million?

      Having worked for both of them he is worth every cent and more...

    I would be interested to know what the size of the fixed broadband market is in Australia.

    To me only 2.6Million fixed broadband seems low , but I dont know how many fixed connections there are in total to compare.

      With an average 4.3 people per house hold and 2.6million fixed broadband connections. Thats 11.2 million people with fixed line broadband access out of a population of 22 million. So half the people in aus having fixed line broadband access seems low?

    I just dropped Telstra as my mobile provider. Switched to TPG, who in turn use Optus. First of all. Price. $50 a month for telstra got me 1gb data, and $500 credit.
    $15 a month on TPG gets me 1.5gb data and $500 credit. Bit of a difference there.
    Coverage, I am quite happy with. It has been reliable.
    The only problem is that TPG's 3g mobile data seems to run at about half the speed of Telstras. But with wi-fi everywhere you go, it isn't that much of a problem.

    I have given enough money to Telstra, they have a good network, no one can deny that. But you sure do pay out the ass to use it.

      $15 a month on TPG gets me 1.5gb data and $500 credit. Bit of a difference there.

      i agree but if you compare telstra plans to optus and vodafone plans they aren't that good when compared to TPG or the other optus resellers to be fair but with all that said i will be buying a phone outright and doing the same thing

    If you're poor use voda or optus, if not then you use telstra... pretty simple really.

    I wonder if my fixed connection will count as a new bundle customer? I signed on a tuesday, and cancelled on the Saturday after they told me 6 different dates that my broadband was going to be switched over to Telstra. Went from 5 minutes, out to 16 days to do the swap. They called mybroadband transfer "rapid"..... Sorry Telstra you lost me..... Customer service was woeful.

    Unfortunately, after 2 years on Vodafail w/ my 3GS (the 2nd year was truly *awful*, unable to even load basic sites using 3G in the middle of the Bris CBD!), the $20/mth "Telstra tax" premium was worth paying only so I could actually have a reliable, fast connection that worked everywhere I went. Now I've been on Testra w/ my SGSII for over a year and I've never had a problem. No dropouts. No missed calls. Fast, reliable data. Coverage everywhere. You get what you pay for, but it's still a punch in the wallet. They're successfully capitalising on how bad the other carriers are.

    But Telstra pls explain to me why your 12GB 365 prepaid iPad data plan went from $150 to $180 with zero change in bandwidth?

    The old $150 recharge gave you 10gb for 12 months, the new $180 gives you 12gb for 12 months

      Partially correct, Telstra had two Pre-Paid offers previously. Prepaid wireless for usb and wifi devices which provided the aforementioned 10GB for $150 for 12 months and the Telstra iPad prepaid service which for the same $150 provided 12GB for 12 months.

      In an effort to make things more streamlined and "simple" they changed both data amounts to 12GB but decided to up the price to $180. Hard to swallow the price hike but I can't deny it still has value.

    I really find it hard to believe telstra can justify charging their customer $2.00 for a paper bill when they have a 3.42 billion after tax profit. A hidden charge that no one was told about, and when you complain they say you can get it electronically and yes I can, but how about the people who can not.
    Well done Telstra slug the people who can least afford it like our old age pensioners, Profits from the disadvantaged.

    Old age pensioners are exempted from paying the $2.00 paper bill.

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