Home On A Hairpin: Needs More Hazard Lights

Peru's 2.8x Architects took on a challenge with the Mirador House -- how do you build something beautiful when the land you have to work with is an uneven plot situated on a steep bend?

The design they went with is a airy terraced home perfectly positioned into a difficult piece of land just east of Lima. Big bright windows fill the place with natural light. With multiple cascading levels, the roof garden is the cherry on top, boasting a panoramic view of the city and its environs. The only fear is that some reckless driver might smash into the front door. [Contemporist]


    What an awful place to live, having cars doing circles of your house all day would suck :(

    That's a road? I thought it the driveway

    Not if it is a dead end street with only one or no neighbours further up. Or a closed access only road to a radio mast at the other end?

    I think biker is right, probably a gated community or similar so only a couple houses share that road for access.
    I like the design

    I bet the architect tore his/her hair out when the owners insisted on installing that horrible chandelier over the dining table.

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