Here's Who Your Windows RT Tablets Will Come From

Looks like Surface didn't scare everyone off like Microsoft said it might, because today the company announced some official Windows 8 partners.

From the sound of it, we'll see devices from Dell and Samsung all running the operating system. Lenovo is also on board, but we've already heard about the ARM-based convertible RT tablet it's supposedly working on.

Microsoft didn't add any other details as to what these gadget will actually look like, when we'll see them, or how they'll be priced. Windows 8 is coming out October 26, so we'll presumably know more as that date gets closer. [Building Windows 8]



    The revolution is just around the corner.

    Think Windows 8

    i really want to see how this will integrate with the next gen xbox...
    the same way an iPhone/iPad integrates with an AppleTV at the very least.. even more?
    argh!!! i want the future NOW!!!

      Watch this clip, it'll give you a bit of an idea about how the Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and XBox will interact.
      The search you want to do is for Microsoft Smart Glass. It's their concept for tying the three screens together cohesively.

      they are already talking about it.. It's called Xbox SmartGlass, browse on Windows 8 (and more) and then flick it to Xbox.. 2nd screen for gaming and more to come as well. W00t

    It looks like you forgot Asus...

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