Here's The Only Tiny Kitchen You'll Ever Want To Brag About

I have a dream of living in a tiny apartment where everything is multifunctional and/or has the ability to transform. Beds that turn into desks. Bookshelves that hide a dining set. Side tables that contain an emergency chair. But what about the kitchen? What can I do with the kitchen? Why not pack the entire thing into a low-sitting, floating sideboard?

The Miniki modular system can be configured to house a sink, range, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and cabinet space to your liking. When it's open, you can cook up a small feast. When it's closed, everyone will be left asking how you feed yourself. [miniki via The Appliancist]


    I love these ideas, I do wonder how the living adjustment would be tho, but id still give it a go in my apartment. I was only watching a video a few months ago on mulfi-functional furniture and dug it up:

    and their company site

    Gotta break your back to do some cooking and washing up. From the scale of things in the fridge, the stove is about knee/thigh high.

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