Here Is The Entire 132-Page Samsung Internal Report Apple Released Into Evidence Today


    132 Pages of proof that Samsung Blatantly copied the iPhone.

      Pft apple reckon they invented everything. here is a phone that came out before iphone

    Case closed.

    what a load of dribble. Seeme like apple vs google rather than samsung. fail

    Was this released by Apple or Samsung?
    What are they trying to prove?? Because some pictures suggest that Samsung copied Apple, and others suggest the opposite. Is that the point?

      What this document is -
      Left - iphone feature
      Right - how samsung's product does it and why it sux.
      Bottom - instruction on how to make their samsung product do it the iphone way.
      Fast forward a few months and you have Galaxy. I don't know if apple can sue samsung for copying their stuff but it does prove that samsung DID copy the iphone. i cringed reading the document. page after page. being a samsung lawyer would have to be one of the worst jobs at the moment. maybe some gizmodo commenters would like that job. if the CEO of samsung publicly said "ok, we admit it, we completely copied the iphone. we're sorry" ... their would be 10 gizmodo comments saying .... "well this proves noting.. rectangles ... isheep ...blahblah"

        but isn't this what all companies do? they look at competing products, study them, do hardware tear downs and look for ways to improve their own products? apple does not make their i devices in a vacuum. they have copied from palm microsoft hp sony and in recent times even android. and it is fine by me. The iaaue is not whether samsung copied the iphone because the iphone is a copy too.

        the issue is whether apple's patents are valid and did samsung infringe on the if they are indeed valid.

        Why didn't apple sue LG when the original iphone was released? LG Prada phone looks very much like an iphone? It is because the prada phone came before the iphone. And why does apple not go "thermo nuclear" on google? Because google has enough patents of it's own to counter sue. Why is apple after samsung? Because samsung is their biggest threat in the market and all this courtroom stuff is good publicity and great for establishing brand loyalty for apple and forever labelling samsung as the cheap copy.

          yeah i'm almost 100% with you on that one. my personal take on the whole court room thing is -
          apple - take a massive stand against samsung so that other companies will be more active in differentiating their product because they don't want to go through the courts defending themselves. i think they were being provoked into it by samsung to the point where they couldn't not sue.
          samsung - turn apple vs the smartphone industry into apple vs samsung. kind of like a holden vs ford. sure there are other players but nothing builds a brand like constantly being mentioned in a sentence with the market leader. i think samsung have won a massive battle, but not against apple, but against htc , lg and motorola. remember htc was the first major android player and now samsung makes the nexus. both apple and samsung are doing great business out of this and it's in their best interest to keep this pissing contest going for as long as possible.

            and for the record, i don't really understand what apple can or can't actually sue for. i think the whole patent/protection laws need drastic change.

    Y'know what? Who really cares. This whole business is becoming tiresome. Apple and Samsung need to grow up already.

      sounds like a defeated samsung fanboy. Bow out guys, case closed.

        bahahaahahaha apple fanbois are the best!

    You could do the same comparison to any phone that went touchscreen and find the exact same shit

    This document is derivation of a common business practice called "competitive tear-down". It's practiced by every large company with an R&D arm. You would be naive to think that Apple didn't -- and doesn't -- do the same thing with their competitor's products. Apple's lawyers released this because they know that the public doesn't realise that this is normal business practice.

    This isn't to say Samsung didn't infringe on any patents. That's a difference question. I just want to clarify for people that this "smoking gun" is really just a smoke screen.

    Ok, interesting read.
    But which of the 126 feature comparisons infringes the Apple patents?

    So much for Samsung innovates. Innovating would be, "This is what other companies are doing, here are ways we can invent something better and more intuitive" Which is what Apple does.
    Good on them for defending their hard work.

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