Guy Orders TV From Amazon, Gets Giant Assault Rifle Instead

Talk about a dealzmodo! Washington DC resident Seth Horvitz bought a new HDTV on Amazon, but when he opened the peculiarly not-TV-shaped box, he found a $US2000 Sig Sauer SIG716 semi-automatic rifle instead. Someone somewhere has made a mistake.

Assault rifles are illegal in Washington DC, but that didn't stop the accidental delivery. Apparently, the third-party Amazon seller who shipped out the 37-inch, 7.62mm X 51mm NATO calibre rifle intended for it to go to a gun dealer in Pennsylvania.

Cops confiscated the gun, so things turned out OK. But what if this weapon, described by Sig Sauer as "the rifle of choice when you require the power of a larger calibre carbine", had been mailed to a kid? Or, you know, a criminal? It's easy enough to buy a gun online -- now they're just showing up at your door for no reason. [DCist]


    I just hate it when you order something online and a totally awesome assault rifle arrives in its place!!!

      I know, what a pain in the ass. Just yesterday i ordered 40 Shades of Grey and i got an RPG in the mail. The manual doesnt have NEARLY enough sex scenes.....

        That comment made me crack up in my perfectly quiet office HAHAHA

      I just hate it when you order an awesome assault rifle online and they send you a George Foreman grill.

        Excellent +1. I hate that too, especially when the grill is a George Fourman North Korean knock off to boot.

    What's that saying......"Only in America"


      Exactly, it's a compact battle rifle. It's a pretty awesome mistake though

    I wonder if the gun dealer in Pennsylvania got a tv instead of his massive gun.

      He probably got an ICBM by mistake.

    BRB, ordering a shitload of TVs and hoping one of them is a gun.

    anyone know where the TV ended up?

      At a gun dealer in Pennsylvania?

        Just laughed right out loud, Sched.... Nice :)

    I just hate it when you order a book on "depression and why suicide is not an option" and this turns up instead...

      +1 nice.

    He has nice nail polish
    Wired article on this -

    Big gun is useless without ammo.

      You haven't heard or Wallmart?

        I'm in Oz.
        We have K-Mart.
        They don't sell ammo.

          they do ... for Nerf !

    I'd be worried about the guy who go the TV :P

      Yeah, how will he go on a murderous rampage now?

        He'll MacGuyver the TV to make it shoot bullets.

    It's better than ordering an assault rifle and getting a tv...

    @Jake D
    In full colour.... :)

    That rifle is not an assault rifle.

    For starters its using completely the wrong caliber, and its not capable of BOTH fully automatic and semi-automatic fire.

    It irks me that journalists seem to label weapons from their experience with fictional hollywood movies and not research.

      Just so were all clear A) assault rifles do not depend on caliber to be assault rifles (AK's and AR's arn't both 5.56) B) you can't just buy guns online as the article say's they must go through a licensed firearms dealer. C) The definition of assault rifle is based on who you ask thats why legislation is nearly impossible my issued service rifle has semi-auto and 3 shot burst, neither are fully-auto and yet still an assault rifle.

      Bud trust me I know journalists dont know a bolt-action from a bazooka. They just know there big and scary as can be seen from their description of "Giant Assault Rifle". But please lets be better than the anti-gun airheads if were going to defeat ignorance we must be careful, idiots will use every litte slip up to say well their wrong on one little thing so they must be wrong on everything.

    Ok its a semiauto rife not assult rife. Pluse i would be pissed if i payed 1500-2000 for a weapon and got it a cardboard box. All of these weapons are sold in most blue hard cases. Amazon doesnt sell these online and a gun dealer ever ship this to DC. You must contact in person you are buying a weapon like this in person give them your info then info on FFL dealer you want weapon shipped to that is close to you. The seller contacts ffl dealer checks there info out making sure address is right lets them know when its shipped. So how this gone got in DC smells like a dead fish. It looks like an airsoft gun.

    Guy looks exactly like Amir from Jake & Amir.

    Only in America...

    send it to afganastan i think they need it.

    Anyone notice the black nail polish?... creepy.

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