Google Is Just Full Of Nonsense

You know what happens when Google announces a new product. People freak out. People claim Google is changing the world. People praise its openness and don't be evil mantra and that the company is just SO good. And then you know what happens when that actual Google product comes out? No one cares.

It doesn't change anything except add to the growing landfill of crappy products. In short, Google promises a lot but rarely deliver. Or as College Humor puts it in this video, Google is full of crap.

Sure, Google Glasses sounds awesome, and so does self-driving cars. But those things aren't close to real yet. Hoverboards and Wolverine blades sound awesome too.

[College Humor]

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    Fibre?... Pretty sure that's worthwhile. Shit, I wouldn't mind Gig up/down with unlimited bandwidth for $70/month with free installation.

    Well i bet you own an iphone. And an ipad. And a macbook air. And applecare for each. Just so you can check facebook

    I have an Android tablet and phone. I get excited every time Google does new things.
    I just wish they would do more of them in Australia... #nerdworldproblems

    While the video was amusing, your statement 'Sure, Google Glasses sounds awesome, and so does self-driving cars. But those things aren’t close to real yet.'
    Is wrong. Google Glasses should be released the end of this year, or maybe later on next year.
    And self driving cars should start appearing in the market around 2016.
    It is legal to drive a google car in the state of Nevada.
    Google is also the first carbon neutral company, while Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are still catching up.
    So I'm not to sure why google is being slammed.
    Gizmodo can call Apple revolutionary and innovationary. But Google is full of nonsense?
    Google is the coolest company around, call me a fanboy, but let me know Apple starts making something.

      Hey ADam, Android owner and Google appreciator here. I think you missed the whole 'Comedy' bit of the College Humour video. Personally, I found it hilarious! If it results in good comedy, let people rip into whichever company they want :o)

      Fanboy. A deluded one at that.

        Don't be so hard on yourself.

    Google owns and the internet wouldn't be such a good place without them. The same goes for smartphones, regardless of how much you love Apple.

    it's like that scene in "the life of brian"... so, apart from google search, gmail, google docs, google reader and google maps, WHAT has google ever done for US?
    google plus?

      Let's not forget Android and Translator :--]
      Pretty much all of those things were big kicks up the pants for every competitor, and in many cases they still haven't caught up!

    Here, I fixed it:
    You know what happens when Apple announces a new product. People freak out. People claim Apple is changing the world. People praise its design and stay reckless mantra and that the company is just SO good. And then you know what happens when that actual Apple product comes out? Everyone realises it's pretty much the same as the previous version.

      Tht's the big difference between them though isn't it. The Apple product comes out. The Google product is some awesome thing that you will be able to buy someday. When technology catches up. Probably.

      Google's hardware designers are essentially science fiction writers with enormous budgets and a limited time horizon.

        They're innovators. Apple pretend to be, but really all they do is perfect the implementation of existing technology.

        If Apple was the only tech company, we'd be writing with pen and paper, but they would be the MOST AMAZING pens and paper you've ever seen.

        Apple's hardware designers are essentially publishing house editors with enormous budgets and a limited time horizon.

          Ummmm, without Apple, there would never had been a Microsoft and the personal computer would not have been realised when it was. Sure, someone else would have eventually done it, but years after. Microsoft only existed to write apps for Apple. All the money it made from them led them to write windows (a rip off of Mac OS).

          So Apple don't innovate? Stop convincing yourself only to justify your hatred. Why else do every other company try to copy the Apple model? If they were so bad, nobody would give them a second look. Only idiots try to convince themselves that Apple aren't as good as they are. They're usually the same people who believe that google aren't evil either.

    Google is awesome at developing online products but they fall down once they move into meatspace. They just cannot move from cool idea to well executed product. This is the most difficult thing to do in tech. Cool ideas are a buck a dozen, but making something great IRL is very, very hard.

    I think this is what people forget when they are hating on Apple, people think they sue people for copying ideas. This is not the case, they sue people when they copy how their products work (and look), because that is the insanely difficult thing to do well.

    Cool ideas = buck a dozen.

    Looks like the ifanbois are at it again. So predictable gizmodo - the new engadget.

    lol more Apple love. Do you guys ever look at the other side of the tracks? rather then just bending over for apple

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