GM Reportedly Halts Production On The Volt Electric Car

According to a report from Bloomberg, General Motors — Holden's parent company for those playing at home — has just halted production on the Volt electric car. Why? Apparently nobody's buying them.

It's being reported that GM expected the Volt to sell around 60,000 cars globally, with 45,000 of those expected to be in the US alone. Unfortunately, according to recent sales data, the company only sold just north of 10,500 units.

The report is coming from "sources close to the matter", but GM is apparently set to shelve production from 17 September through to October 15.

The 1.4-litre, 4-cylinder Volt isn’t what you'd call cheap. It’s essentially a Holden Cruze with a $59,990 price tag (plus on-road costs). The Volt isn't even out in Australia just yet, but already the waters surrounding it look troubled. [Bloomberg]

Image: Holden

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