Girl Attaches Camera To Her Hindquarters To Catch People Staring

Ever wondered who's looking at you as you pass them by? Wonder no longer, because one girl has a solution -- a camera attached to your rump.

It's kind of embarassing, because it seems to be catching people gaping at this young lady's rear end as she walks by. Perving on the pervers then. At one stage even a dude dressed like Jesus shows up. [Chive (NSFWish)]


    I had to watch it JUST to make sure I wasn't in it. I'm very guilty lol...

    You know.. a lot of it could just be because they're wondering why the hell she has a flippin' camera on her gluteous maximus

      +1 check out the lady at the 50 second mark, shes like, why have you got that stuck to your ass???

        Indeed. Experiment fail. Good video though on how NOT to do this sort of thing... next time ladies, disguise the camera...

          Yeah, like the Guys' version:

            Great counter from the guys on this, highlights the flaws in the girls "experiment" nicely.

    psych 101: when a woman walks out of a meeting room,



    I could think of some other places you could put it... not everyone pays attention to arses!

    I dont get why people get anoyed by this, if you dont want your ass to be looked at dont wear tight pants. your wearing them to look good... look good... gets looks ? am i missing something here?

      Because when you're a woman, you can get up in arms about anything related to you being a woman, which, when you're a woman, that's just about anything. Doesn't work the other way around.

        ^ this.


        Wish I'd spoken to you when I was 10, would have saved me a lot of time, effort and anguish!

    I like how the title of this has to refer to it as her hindquarters, whereas other articles freely discuss how to "hide your porn in plain sight".

    i saw no exaggeration, about 6-7 years ago

      me too! This is such an old video and Levi's is behind it

      Yeah very old video. I am sure it has been on Giz or Life hacker once or twice before

    An advertising vid? Kudos to Pranoy and Josh for pointing that out.
    The woman looked and acted suspiciously like way too much of a model to be doing an experiment like that anyway.
    Shame on Levis for being lame and fake viral.

    Do u think eveyone is looking and thinking why there is a camera on her ass?

      Actually its a hidden camera (I know, not well hidden but from a distance its probably not clear to the perv that there's a camera there).

    I apologise on behalf of the male population but in our defence I cry "Instinct" and file you under potential mating partner.

      She wouldn't care, you got paid to show off her Levi clad camera bum. People looking is the entire objective.

    complaining or what?

    I watched this on Geekologie like nearly 2 years ago >.> get with the program guys ;P

      Everything is a repost.

      Wasn't this a viral campaign for the jeans? Can't remember.

    girl put a tan on it, then see what it do

    Uh, I didnt see the ass cam properly, can you go again?

    The female body is designed to be looked at by a normal healthy male (and me), Biology 1.01.
    No shame in that.

    Typical Narcissistic Australian girls.

    Isn't this just psych 101? Gaze detection studies have already shown this - guys look at peoples' faces and crotches; in most cases it's involuntary and subconscious, whereas women look at face and upper body (also, the left hand, apparently). Most of the time I look I'm amazed that they have the balls to walk around in public wearing what they do - I am constantly wondering if they have no self-respect or too much...

    I can imagine how these 2 girls started this "Experiment".

    Girl1: I'm sick of guys objectifying women by looking at our arse. It's humiliating, creepy and just wrong!
    Girl2: I know right! We should catch them out on candid camera
    Girl3: That's a great idea, let's go out so guys can look at our arses. It'll be so funny, enlightening and social!

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