Giant Mute Button Silences Commercials With A Vengeance

At some point in your life, you're going to reach the stage where you can't stand to listen to the horrible drivel spewed forth by TV commercials, and your failing eyesight and dexterity will make it nigh impossible to find the mute button on your remote before your show returns. So the Smash Mute might look ridiculous to you now, but one day you'll see the beauty of its simple design.

As far as TV remotes go, it doesn't get any simpler than this. After configuring it for your TV in a process that's claimed to be "so easy to program an old person can do it", you simply have to push the big red button to silence whatever's yelling at you from the TV. The $US25 Smash Mute's not limited to just commercials either -- you can mute anything or anybody with a satisfying smash of your fist since this thing's built tonka-tough and ready for your abuse. It's just too bad it doesn't work in real life.

[Smash Mute via Geekologie]



    Now that's something my kids could buy me for father's day.

      I wanted to get one for my Dad but I can't seem to find where I can order.
      The site they link to doesn't ship outside the US

    just dont watch tv, problem solved!

    If only it screamed it out when you hit it as well

    I wish the tv would just do it automatically... ads suck, ad campaigns also suck, I do not need to see the same ad 30 times in 30 minutes..

      well then buy all the tv shows and movies you want to watch once they are out, at a later date.

      We have one of, if not the best free to air TV in the world... these ads make sure it stays free. Yes, no ads would be awesome but not viable

    Ads? Yeah. I'm thinking more Couch Time on Eleven, during the horrific inanity before The Simpsons comes on.

      Oh god not wrong. Those 2 imbeciles are an embarrassment to television.

    Ads pay for what I see on TV, I understand that, and honestly have no problem with advertising in theory.

    STOP FKN MAKING THEM YELL AT ME! Seriously, if your ads are 2x as loud as whatever I actually want to watch, guess what? I'll mute them and totally ignore them. I might of paid attention if they weren't so damn awful.

    Oh and how about Foxtel, seriously paying for yelling ads? Fantastic.

      I pay for foxtel because of the amount of choices I get. That combined with foxtel IQ (or a pvr) then you have absolutely no problems with ads whatsoever.

    I wish they could make one for wives.

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