GetUp Goes After Government Over Data Retention Proposal

Protest and advocacy group GetUp have made this video to protest and raise awareness about the Federal Government's data retention proposal. You like?

It's certainly not as exciting as, say, hacking a telco and exposing account information to protest the controversial retention regime, but it's certainly a start.

Head on over to GetUp's petition page if you want to add your voice to the anti-data retention cause.[mUmbrella]


    Probably one of the very few times I've agreed with anything GetUp has brought out...

    I use VPN.S for my personal stuff but somehow I doubt that it will help much with this shit.
    We really need to educate the populace and get this stopped.. NOW!!

    yet no one is too concerned with groups like Annon and co steeling our data and giving it out freely to any criminal who wants it.

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