New iPhone, iPad And Android Apps: Get Glue HD, Pinterest, COD Zombies And More

New iPhone, iPad And Android Apps: Get Glue HD, Pinterest, COD Zombies And More

We’re putting all of this week’s best new iPhone, iPad and Android apps into one neat pile. What’s new this week? We’re going to give you a way to pin to your heart’s content, a way to discover new TV shows, a way to track your heart rate for free, and a way to indulge your secret love of trashy karaoke nights.

Pinterest (iPad): Now you can pin recipes, DIY projects and pictures of dogs in costumes until your fingers are bleeding, because the online bulletin board just launched an iPad app. It’s the same Pinterest you know and love (unless you actually hate the whole Pinterest thing). Free. [clear]

Get Glue HD (iPad): Although the phrase “Foursquare meets TV” might make you want to die, this is what Get Glue is. The new iPad app gives you a personalised TV guide, show recommendations, and a place to chat about all your theories about how season 5 of Breaking Bad will end. Free. [clear]

Franklin Frog (iPad) : Even if you’re not five years old, frogs are pretty awesome. And if you are five years old, you can learn about the life cycle of these amphibians by reading about a fictional froggie named Franklin. $5.49. [clear]

Uncle Slam (iPhone): Remember that MTV show Celebrity Death match where claymation famous people would battle each other in hilariously violent bouts? This is kind of like that except you can pit American presidents against one another, and with an awesome name. John Adams v. John Quincy Adams: round one! Free. [clear]

HipGeo (iPhone): Instead of taking pictures while away on holidays only to let them sit on your hard drive collecting whatever the digital equivalent of dust is, track your trip as you go. HipGeo lets you upload photos and text tagged with your location, so you’ll never forget that little hole in the wall taco place you found or that spot that had the most perfect sunset. Free. [clear]

Smule Sing! (iPhone): You don’t have to go to a seedy bar to sing karaoke with your friends. You can do it from afar with this app. That is actually kind of sad, but it’s potentially very fun. Karaoke is one of those things that is hard to do if you’re not under the influence, so apologies in advance if this leads you to drinking alone. Free. [clear]

Cardiio (iPhone): You could buy one of those expensive heart rate monitors to wear when you work out like a big gym rat dummy, but why? This is a totally free way to track your pulse when you exercise. No extra equipment required. Free. [clear]

WWE (Android): If you like watching people smash chairs into each other’s skulls, you might enjoy the Gathering of the Juggalos. And this WWE app, which has tons of pics and videos, as well as profiles on your favourite wrestlers. Free. [clear]

PolitiCards (Android): If you want to avoid stabbing yourself in the eyes to avoid seeing any more outlandish US political coverage before November, you’ve got to find a way to enjoy it. This is like solitaire but with quippy graphics that lampoon the US election and satirise ridiculous politicians. It’s a fun time-killer and a possible distraction from this circus-like season. $0.99. [clear]

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies (Android, Xperia devices only): Maybe you have some pent-up agression you need to relieve. Maybe you have a prejudice against zombies. If only there was a place you could take care of both of those things. Funny, now there is, in the form of this iteration of the COD franchise. $7.49. [clear]

Pinterest (Android): ‘Sup Pinners. Your favourite hobby hit the iPad this week, but it wasn’t just iOS getting some DIY inspiration love. The online bulletin board finally landed on Android as well. Free. [clear]