Full Trailer For Skyfall Is Here

We teased you with some tidbits yesterday, but now the full theatrical trailer for Bond 23, titled Skyfall, is here.

Get a look at Bond falling from a moving train, riding a motorbike impossibly and using a new gun from a very young, stylish Q. The gun he's given now only responds to his palm print. Very cool.


    that will be very nice! Anxious to see it.

    Interesting choice in Javier Bardem. He suits the villain stereotype quite well.

    I'm a little apprehensive about it all. They seem to have had half-a-dozen writers trying to make the script work, which is never a good sign, and in this trailer Daniel Craig's one-liners are really flat (as opposed to dead-pan). That could just be the way the trailer's been cut but it does nothing to lessen my concerns.

    I wonder if Bardem is revealed to be Jaws in the film.

    mmmm... i don't like how forced and excessive on the cg front this seems... i mean, it's bond... the explosions are there to make him look cool, but first and foremost he himself is meant to be the centrepiece... might just be poor post production though and the film still needing polishing.

    all that and someone really needs to end daniel craig... in an attempt to be more fleming-like, he's gone to a complete extreme - from suave and slick to just being dick. but again, this could just be the writers... *sighs* we'll see i guess...

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