Fortify Your Boring Cubical WIth An Industrial Desk Organiser

Whether you're working at a desk with lots of pens and pencils or you're working in a shop with wrenches and drills, you've got to keep them together. Otherwise, you can never find anything, ever. This industrial steel desk organiser is a rugged, yet elegant way to do that, whatever kind of office you work in.

For $US55 on Etsy, you'll get a container where you can keep all your crap. With several different sized compartments, it'll store whatever you need. Just remember that's where you put them. [Etsy via Cool Material]


    $55 Dollars on etsy, or 20 minutes in my workshop.

    Damn, I should get in on the action. I could be rich.

    20 minutes would be $55 in labour alone....

    Cheap workshop rates, ~$120 per hour.... Then you need materials....

    Actually I will time you. time from blackwoods stock to finished product, reckon you would be hard pushed getting it done in the time, sure if it was systemised on a production line it would probably be 2 mins tops.... One-offs are always going to be much more expensive, that's why people often buy things instead of making them.... By the time you/I get all the material together, hell you/I could just have gone to work and paid for the finished product. (Not that I am going to pay $55 for what I already have (a tool storage system) .) Time starting, NOW!

      That only works if you care to and are able to significantly monetise your free time. Some people prefer to have hobbies like building the above and commenting on lifehacker.

    oh before others comment, I know 55*3 !=120.

    please change the word cubical to cubicle. just wondering, don't you guys have editors overseeing things before it gets printed? or is it posted immediately without any sort of checks? just curious.

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