Facebook's Updated iOS App Is Fully Native And Free Of HTML5

Facebook just released its updated iOS app — and it claims to be twice as fast as before. The reason for the speed boost? Instead of serving as a container for HTML5 content, its now fully native.

Among the improvements to the app is the ability to scroll faster through your News Feed, access new stories and notifications without having to refresh, a nicer and more user-friendly photo UI, and Timeline profile pages for the iPad app. You can download it now from the iTunes App Store. [iTunes via The Verge]


    Obligatory "what about android" post

      They released a minor update to the Android app. And this is about it:
      • Easily create events
      • Share photos faster with a new upload flow
      • Add photos and emoji to messages
      No super fast Android version just yet unfortunately, but I read that they said it is coming.

    Hopefully other developers will take notice and stop making those god awful HTML5 apps.

    The iOS app has been fine. How about they fix the android app so I can actually open things in less than three minutes on my Nexus 7 that's connected to high-speed broadband.

      You're joking right? the iOS app has not been fine. A new comment on a photo? You want to view that? Well you'd better close the application down and reboot it if you even want a chance of the comments page refreshing, oh and lets not overlook the fact that about 30% of the time when you try to check the messages page you get sent to the events page or how the pop out chat windows on the iPad WILL open themselves back up instantly when you minimize them. Yep, everything is working as intended.

        life's hard ain't it? paragon of entitlement.

          So it's entitlement to think a product should work the way it's supposed too? You're not very bright are you?

        not forgetting;
        You want to see the right profile picture attached to the right person?
        No you dont, here have some switched icons for an undisclosed period of time

      Lol, try actually using it on iOS (or using an iOS device as your main one to use Facebook on) and you would have seen that we had that exact same problem, on top of many others like Paragon has mentioned.

      The Facebook iOS app was a big pile of shit, this new one is great already.

        I think we can probably agree that both are pretty bad - that said I've had very few problems with the iOS version compared to the android app. I have several devices on both sides and the android version is definitely worse.

          Ah, fair enough. It's been a while since I've had an Android, so I wouldn't actually be able to compare. You'd think though, with the Android version not having all the restrictions on loading HTML data like the iOS version did, that it was actually better and more reliable. Guess that's not the case and it comes down to dodgy coding. Before today's iOS update, I lost count how many times I got frustrated and switched to the mobile site instead of using the app. Facebook really needs to get their act together (well for Android now anyway).

    Oh good so it might work now, I shall test this later today.

    ok, facebook was slow because it was coded very poorly and/or server and back end infrastructure was poor. suggesting that html5 was to blame is complete bullshit. you think with today's multi-core phones and fast browsers that dog performance was down to the fact that nothing in html5 can perform? people are just jaded but the fact that a lot of companies such as facebook release such shonky, 2bit implementations in such apps and then blame the technology for their incompetence and laziness.

      The article may unintentionally imply that Facebook was blaming HTML5, but that's not the case. Yeah there was some poor coding, but most people know that the main fault for a crappy app is not HTML5 itself, but the restrictions Apple places on third party apps that use it.

      No iOS app handles HTML5 as fast and efficient as Safari, but only because Apple won't allow it. If third party apps were allowed to use the same engines Safari does, Facebook may have not really needed this update as desperate as it did. Even though HTML5 isn't at fault, the only way to have a more reliable app is to NOT have it rely on HTML, so it's good to see Facebook finally updated the app to stop doing so.

    well it isn't as if they could have made it slower....

    Its even more buggier than the last version. The swipe to menu navigation is very annoying and it seems to load even slower than the previous version. Mark Zuckerberg said on his Facebook "It's a big step forward". More like a big step backwards!

    I absolutely hate that you have to swipe on the image to even comment or like on it .. poor design feature. It may be slightly faster and actually refresh comments a bit better, but the UI for images etc is crap.

    people are never happy, this new version is a HUGE leap forward, the previous pile of shit was a discrace.
    crashed all the time, load times on comments and chat was a joke, swip for the menu, easy considering it the device it is made for is all based off touch. It is a better idea than trying to tap a tiny bloody button in a corner.

    So far i am very happy with the app update and it came at the write time as i was getting to the point of looking for something better from someone else, hell i was even using a web browser to access my page because it was more stable and faster.

    New Facebook app for iOS: fast, unless you view a home page: then it freezes. Like a car with a new engine, but the brakes lock when you stop …

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