Facebook Will Soon Change Your Profile To Timeline, Whether You Like It Or Not

Timeline, Facebook's hypergraphical profile triumph, has been around for almost a year, Yet there are still people out there who are averse to the redesign. Tough pokes, says FaceBook: you're getting switched before the year is over.

TechCrunch reports all of Facebook's Timeline holdouts will soon see a message prompting them to prepare for the switchover, providing a chance to hide photo albums of you shotgunning beers and add "Life Events" like marriage and lockjaw. Then, after seven days, boom -- you're Timelined and there's no going back.

But Facebook, that's so unfair! You tyrants! You bullies! You -- oh hush. Timeline is gorgeous, terrifically functional and a significant change in the way we look at each other and ourselves online. You might even say it's poignant. You might say a lot of things, but one of them shouldn't be that Facebook is screwing you here. Really, you should have switched months ago. Looking at an old fashioned, pre-Timeline profile page is jarring at this point.

We've reached out to Facebook for an exact timing on the Timeline switchover, and will let you know if they spill beans.

Update: A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed to us: "The hope is to have everyone moved over to timeline by fall (Australian spring)."

[TechCrunch via AllFacebook]



    It's shit, It should be optional. Makes me not want to use it.

      Unless you spend a lot of time looking at your own profile, you won't even see it.
      Timeline is your profile, not your news feed. :)

    Havent change to timeline since i dont use facebook much anymore,
    probably spend about 15 mins a day now, go in, scroll scroll scroll
    and log out if i found nothing interesting

    Have to disagree. Timeline, despite the name, makes it more
    difficult to read posts in a simple chronological order. The two
    column format is ridiculous. It might be better if they used it to
    take up the extra whitespace on widescreen monitors, but like
    everyone else, they keep all that page blank.

      The white space on your widescreen monitor is a browser issue, not
      facebooks. I find it takes up the extra space in Chrome, but
      firefox and IE are left with white bars down the side. If we want
      to get on a whinge about the lack of chronological order, timeline
      isn't that hard to work out, unlike facebook constantly trying to
      push their awful "top news" feed on everyone instead of newest

    Timeline is the one good thing facebook have forced on us, it is
    immensely better than the cruddy old wall it replaced.

    They been saying for the best part of 12 month it will soon change
    why not do it already - why tease people. We have been expecting
    this since the beta trial

    Mine just got automatically changed over a couple days ago. No warning!

      I got a warning telling me it would change Aug 4th and gave me the option to preview and setup my cover photo before that time so it would be setup from the get go.... BUT i still dont like the fact i was forced into it, at the same time you cant refuse change forever

    my page will be removed once T/L is forced upon me.. FB is hardly even functional these days at best

    I don't understand people who complain about their account being changed to timeline. It only affects the view of YOUR PROFILE. How much of your time on facebook is spent browsing your own post history?
    I know I spend my time on facebook scrolling through my newsfeed, which doesn't change depending on whether my account uses timeline or not, and looking at other people's profiles, which may or may not have timeline, and are completely unaffected by whether my account has it.

    If people don't like Facebook, don't use it, it's simple as that.
    The have changed it before and they will do it again... and again.. and again.

    It's their site, they can do whatever they want.

    I wish people will stop with the whole "This time for sure, I'm gonna leave Facebook!!!".
    Stop announcing it and just do it already.

    " Facebook Will Soon Change Your Profile To Timeline, Whether You Like It Or Not '
    They've been saying this for ages now. I thought it was supposed to have been forced upon us earlier this year anyway.
    I couldn't really care less, it's not like my life will end if it gets changed.I just couldn't be arsed changing it myself.

    Blah Blah Wrong point of view, to many fn ads now dont care how it looks, its like a statue in the park.....

    I really dislike the timeline and feel it should be our option if we want to switch or not, seriously thinking I will close my account

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