Facebook Messages Is Now Easier To Use Thanks To New Design

Facebook Messages, which has been the stuck-in-2004 ugly big sister to the already-butt-ugly Facebook Chat, actually looks sort of usable now thanks to a new two-panel design.

The design is similar to the one used by other online web clients, like AIM and Apple's new default IM layout in Messages. Instead of the old just-the-messages, click-to-go-back-to-a-list layout, you can now just click on your friends' names on the left side of the screen.

The old Facebook Messages layout.

Other additions are being able to embed multiple pictures in a single message, and some new keyboard shortcuts. It's rolling out starting now, so you might not have the new layout right away. But once you do, it might actually be a reason to use Messages on Facebook for once. [Facebook via TNW]

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