Facebook Is Suing Mitel Based On AOL Patents It Only Just Acquired From Microsoft

Legal wrangling in the technology world is making increasingly less sense. In March, Canadian company Mitel struck Facebook with a patent lawsuit. Now, The Next Web is reporting that Facebook is countersuing Mitel over two patents it believes are also being infringed.

So far, so normal. But there's a weird twist. From The Next Web:

Interestingly, both those patents were acquired by Facebook for $US550 million in April 2012, about a month after Mitel filed the initial lawsuit. The seller was Microsoft, but the Redmond software giant had just acquired the patents from AOL in a transaction valued at $US1 billion for the entire portfolio.

So basically Facebook got sued by Mitel, bid for AOL's patents, lost the auction to Microsoft, ended up buying a portion of AOL patents from Microsoft, and is now countersuing Mitel alleging the infringement of two of them.

All of which is kind of amusing but ultimately incredibly childish. Also: shouldn't there be some kind of rule against doing that kind of thing anyway? Either way, please, please, please make these kinds of lawsuits stop. Thanks. [The Next Web]

Image via AHMAD FAIZAL YAHYA / Shutterstock.com

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