Dyson Launches 'High Performance' Cordless Vacuum for Suction Nerds

Good old James Dyson has had his people working on yet another better type of vacuum cleaner, this time coming up with the DC44, or the Digital Super Slim. We’re not entirely sure what’s digital about it, but it looks quite nice, and it's cordless for all of your super-suction needs.

Dyson’s latest dust buster is all about the tech specs, seeing as it’s battery powered. You get a maximum suck time of 20 minutes from a full charge of its 22.2V nickel manganese cobalt battery, with a “boost suction” button to trigger a furious eight minute burst of super sucking if there’s something extremely stubborn stuck to your bathroom carpet.

The motor inside the thing uses what Dyson calls “digital pulse technology” to allow the thing to spin at a maximum of 104,000rpm. It’s a vacuum cleaner to boast about. You might even want to take it into work.

And given that it’s so exciting, this one even has an official launch date. August 30 is when it’ll Dyson’s own online store.

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    "We’re not entirely sure what’s digital about it. . ."

    "The motor inside the thing uses what Dyson calls 'digital pulse technology' "

    I believe you answered your own question?

      Yeah, I was thinking the exact thing when I read that part. A whole two paragraphs down :D

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    at first glance it slightly resembles lightsaber

      or a keyblade

    And the price.... Yeah don't bother it'll cost way more than any sane person will be willing to pay..!!

      I'm willing to pay and pretty sane.

      I got my first dyson 5 years ago. Its still going strong today and beats everything else on the market except the commercial products which themselves make the dyson look bargain basement.

    I got the old dyson handheld and it would last like 15 minds if you were lucky then had to be recharged..... Overpriced aswell..... Dyson is do over rated

    This looks exactly like the cordless vacuum I already own. Maybe it's a faster model..?

    I've got a similar vacuum from Dyson.
    Based on the size of it, this is a replacement for a full-size vacuum, not a dust buster. I've found that my one holds very little before it needs emptying and as Jj stated, the battery doesn't last long.

    I don't understand why they want to make them so small. If the chamber and battery were both twice the size it would still be a great product.

    For something stuck in your bathroom carpet? Who has carpet in there bathroom ?!?

      A lot of houses in the US have carpet in the bathroom and toilet. Don't know why.

    Meh. Overpriced and underwhelming. I don't get all the Dyson hype. I've used the vacuum cleaners and they're nothing special. They feel plasticky and over designed with pointless protrusions, slots and curves. Peopl go on and on about apple products being overpriced and more about form than function, but Dyson just take the cake on this count (IMO). Also, check out choice.com.au for vacuum cleaner comparisons. Dyson don't even make the top 5 in their price range.

      I'm with ya man. I'm always being told by ppl how awesome Dyson is, and when I ask, they say non-committal things like 'it just works' or 'it's better than anything else'. When I ask how it's better, they get annoyed and tell me to just get one.

      Similar to the conversations I've had with some Mac owners in the past (disclaimer I have a Mac and like it, but I can at least give good reasons and don't try and convince others to get one).

    I only recently bought what I assume is the predecessor to this new vacuum. Haven't been anything short of impressed with it. Living in a two bedroom place with mostly tiles makes it kind of pointless to have a full size vacuum to plug and unplug every 1-2mins, so we got one of these. Best thing I've bought in a long time, no more bending down to power cords over and over again, and it cleans our carpet better than our previous full size vacuum.

    Like all things, these have a purpose, and that purpose is not to replace a full size vacuum for someone who needs to spend more than 15mins vacuuming each week (although full recharge time is only 3-4 hours at the most anyway, which is super quick.)

    Yes, they're overpriced, but whatever, I got a good product that's exactly what I need. Was it worth it? I think so, but putting down $390 on a vacuum that only lasts a short time might not be such a good idea if you have kids and a tight budget at home.

    It has a purpose, it does it well. I love it.

    I live in a 3 bedroom unit which has 100 square meters of carpet. I bought a Dyson with the Motorised head 3 years ago. The amount of dust it sucks out is amazing. Wouldnt trade it for anything. I have used other vacuums before so Im comparing on previous experience and not going off hype about Dysons. There is hype because they suck (Im surprised no one else mentioned "suck" or "blow" in their comments - maybe its just me with a dirty mind) real good.

    Save some money go and get an Ozito wet and dry vac from bunnings for $50 best thing i ever bought !

    A bloke dressed in black, deep etched against a white background touting his product. It'll never work. He needs a catchy slogan: something like "Clean different".

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