Does Technology Damage Our Humanity?

How many times have you had people scold you for taking your phone out at the dinner table? Or how many times have you felt seen people at a party all just staring down at their phones? Technology can have a serious impact on the way we socialise with others, and Online Now is a short film that explores this problem perfectly.

It's nice to take a step back and have a look at how our hyper-connected behaviour can affect us and how others perceive us. Enjoy.


    this is a great short film. I have been stumped by how everyone in the restaurant is playing with their phone while they have 4 good friend right next to them, and not bothering talking to them.

    Its a pitty half thoughs things wouldn't wOrk with normal privacy settings...haha

    Eh, humans will find a way to be anti-social with or without technology. Technology is awesome, gets rovers on Mars. It's the people who abuse it.

    Pretty damn good. Lol at the Machu Pichu bit.

    That's a very well made film. Addressed some important points and I found it fairly emotional.

    This is why technology needs to evolve to the point where we can communicate via holograms. In some ways, technology is keeping us separated rather than connecting us, because we're becoming focused on plastic gadgets rather than the actual person. It's strange to think that my friends exist inside a plastic phone in which their thoughts, ideas, and words come out. We're in a sense becoming intimately attracted to plastic rather than the essence of a being in front of us.

    We need to move beyond this point of technology quickly, because that video is showing us how fucked up it's becoming.

    "Damage" humanity? No. lol, and no. Technology only showcases our fallen nature.

    Why are all the male characters portrayed as jerks?

      Because they are all hipsters.

    awesome short, and beautifully shot.
    I love the use of 80's style music in it as well.

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