Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver Is Now A Wiimote

The 11th Doctor gets about with a funky new Sonic Screwdriver to get him and his companion, Amy Pond, out of all sorts of pickles. Now you, too, can wave your sonic around your living room, but it will only help you use your Nintendo Wii.

The Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote will set you back $13.99 from OzGameShop, and it's the best excuse yet to start playing your Wii again. [EFTM via OzGameShop]


    Had one for ages.

      Was just thinking the same thing. I bought one the same day the Doctor Who Wii game came out. It was either the remote or the game... pretty happy with my decision.

    This is not new. I have also had one for almost a year.

    I don't know what to say... these have been around for ages!!

    Not only have they been around for ages they were advertised on Gizmodo... back in October last year.


        They never went anywhere, I see them every week at Ozgameshops store.

    I'm fairly sure Kotaku AU also ran a story on this months ago.

    Every year or so Luke is amazed by the hair on his chest and that he actually went through puberty as well, it is like having another birthday.

    Let me guess... You saw this posted on OzBargain, and didn't realise it had been around for ages?

    It's okay Luke, I'm not gonna have a go at you.

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