Doctor Who To Air Online In Australia Within An Hour Of The BBC [Updated]

Last week we brought you the news that Whovians would have to wait a week for new episodes of Doctor Who to air locally, but the national broadcaster, ABC, has come out of nowhere to please fans everywhere: the new episodes will screen online via iView within an hour of them airing in the UK. This is how you beat piracy.

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The ABC said in a blog post:

ABC TV is thrilled to announce that in true time-lord style, the first episode of Season 7 of Doctor Who, "Asylum of the Daleks", will now premiere on iview Sunday, 2 September from 5.10am EST immediately after its UK launch on 1 September.

The new series of Doctor Who, including "Asylum of the Daleks", then starts on ABC1 the following Saturday, 8 September at 7.30pm EST, and is also repeated on ABC2 from Tuesday, 11 September at 9.30pm EST.

Last week we also reported on Kim Williams and his "gentle" reminder that all piracy is theft. In a follow-up piece, we said that the problem that drove people to piracy was availability. The ABC seems to have taken this on board and is now making the episodes so accessible that anyone with an internet connection can get access to them legally.

Will this stop you downloading illegally?

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    Will this stop me downloading it illegally? Yes! Great work ABC. I have iview built into my sony tv so I am happy as!

      It will most certainly stop me from downloading it illegally. Shame that ABC are the only ones who can manage this. Probably because making advertising dollars is not an issue.

        I'll be watching this on iview as well.. if only the other networks would follow this as well... or at least televise it a day after (max). And my ISP (Internode) wont be counting this toward my download quota.

          I remember Channel Ten tried this with Jericho, airing it within hours of the American broadcast. I still downloaded though, not because I wanted to, but because I worked at the time it was on air, and didn't have a way to record it. I would have prefered to watch it and save my download cap for xbox. This was the only show I know of that you didn't have to wait weeks or months for.

            Yeh but that was almost 5 years ago. Half of Australia didn't even know what the internet was back then, let alone Online TV. With the recent surge of Smart TV's incorporating online channels like iView and PLUS7, this will become more and more popular.

    "Will this stop you downloading illegally?"

    Unfortunately I don't think the other networks could do something similar.


    This is a great initiative from the ABC.
    These ideas and services are the kind of thing that are going to curb piracy.

    Well done ABC!

    "Will this stop you downloading illegally?" Depends, will it be in watchable quality with clear audio?

    I've had this issue with iView in the past where the content has been almost unwatchable =(

      Unfortunately the iView content is still very low quality encoded at 360p.

    Agreed I would way rather stream it through iView than wait for the download for the torrent. ABC has found a way to win at broadcasting. If only every other channel and movie company would catch onto the idea.

    Does anybody have Kim Williams email address? I think he should read this.

    Am I the only one who noticed that the quote specifically says 'the first episode of Season 7 of Doctor Who, “Asylum of the Daleks”' and doesn't actually mention any future episodes?
    I'm happy this is happening, and I think it's a great step forward, but the wording makes me think that it's just a one-off.

      The blog post is a little more positive:

      ABC1 Controller Brendan Dahill said, “For Doctor Who fans, it is a fantastic opportunity to see new episodes within hours of them premiering in the UK – each episode will be available on iview on Sundays."

        The blog post ( states that Asylum will be shown on the 1st, then Season 7 (including Asylum) will START on the 8th.

        Confusing? Sounds to me like they're only doing this "early release" thing for the first episode. We'll see. :)

          On the other hand, it does say "iView" on 1st, and "ABC" on the 8th. So I guess I'm just getting confused. :)

        See, now why couldn't Luke have included that bit in the quote too?
        Anyway, good job, ABC!

          Hey all,
          Just spent the last half hour ringing pretty much everyone in the ABC to find this out.

          The ABC has confirmed that it will air each episode on iView a week before the terrestrial broadcast.


            Thanks for chasing that up Luke! It's 2012, everyone's a skeptic (and so they should be!) so when language lends to the possibility of being shafted, we assume that'll be the case. Good to know ABC have got our backs on this one

      Test run on a week by week basis I expect

    About freaking time!!! If only everyone else would follow suit then I would happily ditch using Illegal torrents.... looking at you HBO!


      If you make the world's most popular television series, then expect people to wait so long to watch it outside North America, it's no surprise you'll also managed to create the world's most pirated television series.

      Well done ABC, I tip my hat and straighten my bow tie to you!

        Shouldn't that read :
        "Well done ABC, I tip my fez and straighten my bow tie to you!"

          "Well done ABC, I tip my Stetson and straighten my bow tie to you!"

          There. I fixed it.

      +1 internets to you kind sir. I hope you like internets.

    And that right there is how you stop 90% of piracy. Well done ABC.

    Yup. I'll be watching this on iView Sunday morning!

    Can't wait!

    A first step in the right direction. One of the great things about having a public broadcaster is they get to test the water, and the commercial networks are able to piggy back off the results. More funding for the ABC imo.

    And I spent last night setting up unblock-us specifically to watch the new series through BBC iPlayer on my PS3. Kudos to you ABC, congratulations.

      Actually, I think I will stick with the BBC iPlayer version - I believe it is higher resolution... That's still not pirating right... right?

        Technically, I think it might be tax evasion.

        To watch the BBC broadcasts (even online), you have to have a TV license (see, and that license is classified as a tax - not paying that is a criminal offense.

          Well according to some sources *cough* Kim Williams *cough* piracy is pretty much the worst crime in the world, so tax evasion can only be an improvement.

          A criminal offence to British citizens. Good luck prosecuting any Australian citizens using a proxy loophole.

    Excellent. I'll be watching it on iView!

    They only put up shows on iveiw for a period of two weeks correct?

    and yes...I will iview it on Sunday night and not wait for the online download of this!

    Not bad not bad..

    However I will still download it on HD 720p to watch it on my Big LCD tv

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        Are you really surprised? After all, iView is very low quality video (360p, which isn't even SD).

        I mean, don't get me wrong, this is a HUGE step in the right direction, and if you're not too bothered by iView's shitty video quality (I can put up with it, but it's not ideal), it's a lot more convenient than torrenting.

        People are stupid. Too stupid to realise that you can stream iView in 720p.

          I lied. It's only 420. Roughly 650kb bitrate.

            @Lachie he he he exactly. What about DD 5.1 ?? I think all my pirated Doc I've gotten all have 720p and 5.1 audio.

            Good step in the ok direction however pirate 4lyfe

    Will it stop me downloading illegally? No, because i can get a TV show an hour after it aired in the US in HD and no ad's.

    ABC is setting a good example but only limits to those who have a decent internet connection and a decent quota so those who are on a mobile broadband plan still have to wait a week to see it.

    FX channel on Foxtel are airing season 3 of The Walking Dead 33 hours after it airs in the US which is getting better but i doubt that any FTA channel will be as fast.

      I just checked out iView's existing episodes of Dr Who - and they are all fairly small 220mb low def versions. So while this is a great step forward, I generally want my shows in HD with 5.1 Audio.

      The whole article is about Doctor Who being available WITHIN AN HOUR.

      If you are downloading a HDTV show illegally ripped from a commercial channel then I don't think you are going to be worried about quota or speed.

      Your arguement is invalid.

        Unlimited TPG ADSL2+ 24Mbit ftw!

      I think the question was, will it stop you from downloading Doctor Who illegally. Being a BBC production, it won't have ads. As for HD, I'm happy to see the story in lower quality sooner. If I want to see it in HD, I'll wait for the FTA broadcast.

      I am a bit confused by your contradiction though. You say "...a decent internet connection and a decent quota so those who are on a mobile broadband plan still have to wait a week to see it.", but doesn't a HD torrent also require a decent internet connection and a decent quota?

        Further to invalidate Luke's arguement, iView is available in HD. Seven hundred and twenty lines of dalek obliterating resolution.

    I won't be downloading Dr Who now :D
    I'll be watching on Iview :D

    Way more convenient!

    Of course it will. ABC should see a jump in iView views.

    So.. that's for the first episode.. will this continue for the remainder of the series?

    I know what I'll be doing on Sunday morning - iview is already my most watched to channel - it's only going ot get more tv time.

    I would more than happily pay for a Hulu like subscription. Same for HBOgo. If streaming was available for new shows, I'd have no need to download. I'd even be happy to watch a few ads if it meant locally available content without a week's delay.

    "This is how you beat piracy." Damn straight! And ABC doesn't even have profits to worry about. The commercial stations would do well to start this kinda stuff!

    of course it will! only problem is the quality, i hope it will be available in HD!

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