Doctor Who Season 7 To Air A Week Behind In Australia

The ABC is fast-tracking the seventh season of Doctor Who to Australia, outing plans to air the show a week behind UK counterparts.

The seventh season premiere, Asylum of the Daleks, airs in the UK on 1 September. Australians will be able to see it on 8 September at 7:30pm AEST on ABC1. It will then be available on iView -- a luxury not afforded to those on pay TV, for example -- and then rescreened on ABC2 at 9:30pm AEST on ABC2.

Now I know Aussie Whovians are probably raging and taking it out on Twitter, Facebook or on your local street corner right now, and we're trying to get a reason from the ABC as to why the delay is a week-long as opposed to other networks who can get a show to Australia within 33 hours of the US, for example.

In the meantime, tell us: will the week-long delay drive you to piracy? [TV Tonight]

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    I can wait a week or so.... Though i say this now. Come Sunday the 2nd I may change my tune!

      i saw it on iveiw

    is it a week because it's the ABC?

    Eh. It's always been a week since the 11th Doctor's run started. The better ones had a significantly longer delay in time.

    How can you drive to somewhere you already are?

    1 week is pushing it, but for quota free viewing on iView i can wait, just, i think.

    I can only assume it's because the ABC want to put it on saturday night, which makes the 8th the earliest they can show it, since they can't air it on the 1st, because that would be about 10 hours before it airs in the UK.

    To be honest, even if it was a couple of hours I would still pirate. The way I have it set up it's all automatic and ready to watch when I get home.
    Plus abc has no ads, so no one is losing out.

    I am totally going to pirate it. I am chipping in for the Australian broadcast rights whether I watch it or not, and ABC doesn't need people to watch it live for ad revenue. Victimless crime.

    I have watched the bloody repeats over and over and over so what is one more week going to make. Not a lot.

    I'm with MDolley here. I RSS them so that they download the very moment they get uploaded on the net in 720p.

    But the ABC has already purchased the broadcast rights using taxpayer money, so I don't feel so bad.

      Same here. There's nothing better than waking up on a Sunday morning, and lying in bed watching a brand new Doctor Who :)

    I'm having a marathon from the 31st to the 2nd, so I'm pirating it!!!
    It's on free tv anyway, so it's technically not "bad". We're just getting it early :)

    If they would just show it on Sunday nights, it would only be a day later.
    Either way, as a hardcore fan, I'll be downloading a nice HD version straight away.

    1 week after, I'm fine with that. Don't see what the big deal is really. The show won't be any better or worse having to wait.

    I'll wait - the commercial networks are sh!thouse at getting things fast tracked - and I watch more iview than free to air - taxpayers money? well spent i say!

    if the ABC showed it in 720p it might be an incentive to wait to watch it... I'll be downloading it instead like a lot of others.
    HD TV in Australia is a joke!!

    If the internet wouldn't ruin it for me i'd wait, but you can't avoid the constant spoiler chatter online for a whole week...

      Exactly, the weeks wait isn't that bad. Its the spoilers that I will definitely hear as I cant shut my social networks down for a week.....

    Would the doctor wait a week? Hell no, he would jump in his tardis and jump a week forward, so ill do the next best thing and jump on my fav torrent site :)

    to pirate or not to pirate i got my patch ready to wear

    Does the word pirate even apply? I'm going to download and watch it with my whole family as soon as it's available.

    Then when the whole series is available on DVD I'm going to buy that and watch it again and again. Like I do for every single film or tv show I want to see but have to wait the mandatory australian 'waiting' period. I don't think I've watched a single minute of actual free to air television this year.

    I will pirate it for sure, Tumblr goes abuzz the second the episode airs - let alone having to wait a week, the spoilers alone would kill me.
    Waiting a week is stupid - I think they should offer it up as it airs in the UK even if it's in a stupid timeslot (Early Morning) - and the offer up a repeat a week later - We live in a world where content is so easily shared, fighting that just seems stupid.

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