Do You Want To Live Forever?

If you saw James Cameron's Avatar and thought it looks like a wise and wonderful way of existing in the world, a Russian dreamer named Dmitry Itskov is the man you want to know. His "2045 Initiative" is a modern, multibillion dollar answer to mortality -- or so he hopes.

But the bottom line question is this: If technology existed that allowed for eternal life, would you use it?

I would not. But, hey, mine is but one opinion. I'd love to here from the other side of the coin. Tell us what you think in the comments. [Tecca via Y!Tech]



      Agreed. Bring it. Bonus points for removing our dependence on Earthly resources and equipping us for Martian life and even space itself.

    I'm still waiting for the "pleasure bots" from A.I, So yes I would use it.

    Given the chance to go all Ghost in the Shell, I would for sure.

    I would. There is so much I'll miss in my live because of time. It would be nice to live a little longer.

    No-one is going to live forever. Even if human life could be extended to equal or surpass the life of the sun you are still going to die. If you believe that faster than light travel will become available then the universe won't live forever either. Even if you could live for a universe life span you would wind up on a planet with only a single star in sight, the rese would be dust and space. Does anyone really want to be bored forever?

    The desire to live forever derives from fear of dying but there is nothing to fear. When you are dead you won't know you are dead, you won't know you were ever alive. You won't be! Get over it and get on with your life; enjoy it because you are going to be dead for a very long time, until time itself no longer exists.

      and on that note, have a great weekend...

      Eternity & forever are relative terms to some people. I know the idea of learning EVERYTHING or as much as possible is an idea that excites me. A hypothetical example is that if you have 10-20 scientist who are all talented and know every field of science there is well the creations they could make would be amazing. You would see and interpret things completely differently if you knew every facet of everything.

      You need some imagination, Though in saying that living for enos is both exciting and scary though I'd give it a go in a heartbeat.

    This isn't really living forever though it won't be you it will be another version that others will see as you. They need to figure out how to stop the brain decaying if we ever want to live forever.

      What we really need is for a way to transfer our own flesh and blood brains into a body that we can modify / alter / repair / replenish as often as required.
      Bio-engineering would only need to concentrate on our soft, wet grey matter.
      Simply transferring our "knowledge" as it were is not the same thing.
      Once your brain dies, "you" die too. (no eternal, ethereal spirits to go anywhere).

        You go first. Whilst being an exciting but extreme end of science it doesn't answer age old questions about consciousness and do we (or gingers for that matter) have souls?

    Wouldn't want to live forever, but there's always the switch off option down the track. And it would be nice to be able to choose when you go...

    Could all the brains join up to become a collective? Interesting. :-)

    Why would you lock yourself to this planet when you can roam the universe when you die?

    Why would you spend trillions of $$$ and wait til 2045 for a hologram-like avatar to live forever? All you need is just a little faith in God and live forever in spirit.

      Hahahahahahaha... oh, sorry, wait... no... hahahahahahahahahahahaha... hahahahahahahahahaha...

      lololololololololololololololololololololol life after death is incredably stupid

    Would definitely sign up for continued existence, Lawnmower Man style or otherwise. Don't worry, OmniCorp will take care of everything!

    "*hear* from the other side of the coin."

    Absolutely. I think we're living in a very exciting time in human history and it's only going get more interesting as technology rapidly evolves. It would be a huge disappointment to only just miss out on immortality by a generation or two and miss out on everything the future will bring.

    Molly would not use tech that allowed for eternal life? Really?! Seems like a pretty easy decision to make when you're fairly young and in good health... but when you're old, and possibly dying a slow & painful death, thinking about all the things you still want to do in life... I think there would be very few people who honestly would not want to take up the opportunity of being instantly pain-free and once again having the ability to live life as your desired.

    As long as it's "me" that get's transferred into an Avatar, and not just a copy of "me" placed into one, then I'm all for it.
    Otherwise, it's just an avatar that thinks it's "me" and I'll still die anyway without experiencing anything further.

    Gain the ability to learn and see everything I ever have ever wanted to? Yes please.

    So let's just say everyone has been transplanted into one of these Avatars, how we would then as a species reproduce or replicate for that matter without exchanging of DNA?

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