Do You Use Shopping Apps On Your Smartphone?

Pretty much everyone shops online, these days. Be it Amazon or eBay, JB Hi-Fi or ASOS — online retail is often your best bet: you can find great deals, shop fill inventories (rather than go into a store only to find an item out of stock), and often you'll find some online exclusive or another. Plus, the number of stores without and online shop is shrinking. Armchair shopping, once you have a general idea of what you want and/or need, is where we are.

But what about shopping from your smartphone? A recent study found that 47% of polled smartphone owners used shopping apps to complete transactions. The three most popular apps were Ebay, Amazon, and Groupon.

I guess it depends what these 47% are mostly buying, but I can't help wondering how the small screen size isn't prohibitive to such activity. How can you even really see what you're buying? [NielsenWire]

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    I purchase using my phone frequently, usually when out and about. Will see something cool in a store or street ad, check it out on google/website, then sometimes end up purchasing. Screen size is not limiting because I have the product in front of me.

    Interesting the change of attitude towards price matching these days. Generally find retailers being more willing to price match than a year ago.

    It is easy enough to nurse an eBay auction home from your mobile while you are out and about, having checked it out on a bigger screen beforehand. And buying a book for Kindle or music doesn't really require any screen real-estate, so is as easily completed on a phone as a PC.

    I shop on my phone and tablet but not through apps. I go straight through the browser.

    I don't get the necessity for an app in these situations - why not just focus on building a good website that scales well to mobile?

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