Do You Still Have A Personal Blog?

Once upon a time, it seemed like everyone had a LiveJournal, or Blogspot, or TypePad, or Wordpress, or ahem, Xanga. Then came the evolutions of sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr which took the focus away from the blog post and emphasised the sharing of short thoughts, links, photos and whatever else. Nowadays, it seems that nless you're a writer or some sort of public personality, you probably don't have a personal blog full of "entries".

Has this aspect of internet culture completely died off?


    I have two forums that I basically treat like a personal blog. Does that count?

    Still have my own blog which I update fairly regularly - also have one at work. mainly to review books and keep my writing up.

      Also I can't type or so it seems... correct address should be (for those who care) :)

    I still have my personal Blog which spreads across the social networks also, to contact as much of my family and friends throughout the globe.

    I do, but it's mostly just used as a portfolio. I won't specifically write something to put up on there, but if I wrote a piece elsewhere I'll either put it up (if it's not on the net already) or just a link to it.

    Blogs are great. Many dislike social media and to have a personal page you have full control over is a good thing. They will outlive Farcebook that is for sure.

    I have two -- one for my business and one for my political interests. I don't like the non stop political stuff on Facebook or posting it so my friends can see it but if they want to get my opinions they can get them from a group I created called Watchdog Milwaukee. That way my friends who disagree with me don't have to listen to me when I can get on a soapbox.

    I have a personal blog since I can monetized it.. I also want to be able to have some anonymity on the blog.

    I have. It's mostly just bullshit and I don't plug it or link to it or anything. except right now.

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