Disguising Physics In A Pop Tune Is A Great Way To Make People Care About Physics

When all else fails, turning to the most popular song of the year is a great way to make people care about whatever your're trying to tell them.

In this case, the convoluted science of the Higgs Boson — aka the "God particle" — is made infinitely more palatable when sung to the tune of Adele's multi-platinum best-seller "Rolling in the Deep", as a song parody.

This is the first video uploaded to a new Youtube channel called A Capella Science. Sounds promising (if a liiiittle pitchy). [Mashable]


    fantastic!! that's a shit load of work to get that working like he did. great job.

    Great vid - very entertaining, although I still dont understand this Higgs Boson stuff. God particle, shmarticle - keep these vids coming!

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