Did You Catch The Mars Rover Easter Egg In Today's Google Doodle?

The Curiosity landed safely on Mars today, marking a historic day for space exploration. But did you catch the rover in the background of today's Google doodle? We didn't either until a tipster pointed it out to us.

Don't feel bad if you're only noticing the rover parachuting over the Olympic stadium just now. For the last week, Google's been bombarding us with new doodles every day commemorating various Olympic events. You can't be blamed for being desensitised to the doodles by now.

But to make matters even more confusing, the Curiosity isn't showing up in the background for everybody. Some just see a plain old blimp as in the image below. Worse still? When you click on the doodle it only directs you to information about the javelin competition not to info about the rover. If you're not seeing Curiosity on Google, try switching your browser to incognito mode. [Thanks Joe!]


    I'm afraid everyone, EVERYONE was looking at the dude's underarm hair.

    To be honest, I thought it was the guided-wire camera system at first glance.

    I've had to switch my home page from Google to Bing now since their hurdles Doodle kept crashing my Firefox!

    No, I didn't catch it because I was totaly distracted by the guy's armpit hair :S

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