Dell's XPS 10 Tablet Is What A Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Is Supposed To Look Like

There are a lot of hybrid tablets coming out this year. But while the ones we've seen seem to be splitting the difference, Dell seems to be focusing on the best parts of either laptop or tablet. Its XPS 10 is the tablet end of that bargain.

The XPS 10 is a 10-inch ARM-based tablet that comes with a keyboard dock. That's a decidedly different pill than, say, Samsung's Ativ Series 5 and Series 7 slates, which feature their keyboards much more prominently. That is to say, the XPS 10 is designed to work as just a tablet.

That seems like a small distinction, but it's an important one. While Samsung's machines are mainly built as laptops (they run the "full" x86 version of Windows 8), the XPS 10 is an ARM-powered device, so it's thinner, lighter, and more like a tablet you'd buy for actually using a tablet.

The keyboard on the dock, which also doubles battery life, is a little undersized, but going through speed tests on it, it wasn't small enough to lose very much comfort or any accuracy, so it doesn't seem like a huge deal.



    It looks exactly like my one year old Asus Transformer tablet/keyboard combo....?

    Right idea, wrong processor

      Right idea, processor of the future.

    I don't get the 'wrong processor' thing with the Win8 RT ARM machines. They 'll run all the office programs and browse the web as well as play movies and games for those that are into those things. It's a thin, light , hopefully reasonably priced tablet that runs 90+% of the important things you need with usb, hdmi etc. FFS sounds fantastic to me!

      I agree, its just like an iPad but without the frustration (sorry I am not a fan of iFads). A Windows 8 on ARM based devices will meet the needs of most home users. The fact that they can have office, a keyboard and a track pad will over come the frustrations I see iPad users deal with daily.

      Will RT run any windows 7 program?

        Nope...but it will run Windows 8 apps...of which there will be many.

    Us this a rebadged Asus transformer?

    So are we calling it a tabtop or a laplet?

      It depends.

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