Dell’s New 27-Inch UltraSharp Monitor Could Actually Be Affordable

Dell has dropped a nice 27-inch monitor that isn't too expensive -- the UltraSharp U2713HM. It's the first display from Dell to use advanced high-performance IPS (AH-IPS), a technology that's supposed to improve on both colour and clarity.

Although it was only announced on the company's Japanese site, the screen looks like it will only cost around $US637. That's not a bad deal!

Update: Gizmodo readers have pointed out in the comments that the monitor is now listed on Dell Australia's website for $799.

Update 2: Dell have been in touch and confirmed that the price for the new monitor is $799. Thanks guys!

The 2560x1440 resolution LCD has four USB 3.0 ports, as well as HDMI, dual-link DVI connector, DisplayPort and VGA-out. There's no Thunderbolt support, like Apple's screen of the same size, but then again it's hundreds of dollars cheaper -- and that's a tradeoff we'll happily take. [AV Watch via The Verge]



    Just go to the Dell website, it's listed on there for $799


    Nicer design than the Apple one with less useless features, also. I can't believe people would still want built-in speakers in a monitor!

      Nicer design? really? what have you been smoking bro? can I have some? it must be some gooood sh*t!

        Yes, the Apple one looks like something you'd see 18 year old girls in grandma clothing surfing Instagram on. The Dell looks like a real monitor you can take seriously.

          Really? What are you smoking? It looks just like every other dreary black looking monitor out there. At least Apple's one looks different from the rest of them

    sooo want one ... will wait for the next Dell special to get one

    Waiting for reviews to see if this is enough of an improvement over the U2711 to justify an upgrade. Initial reports I've read say this is still using the same excessively aggressive anti-glare coating, which would be disappointing. If they'd fixed that in addition to improving the display tech even just a bit it would have easily justified an upgrade, especially at that price.

      It's not a U2711 replacement, it's not targeted at professional users with it's much inferior colour gamut to the U2711. It's similar to the relationship between the U2410 and U2412M. Let's hope they do come up with a real U2711 replacement.

      However, I wonder if the U2713 will be a much better monitor for gaming, as I wouldn't mind owning both if so.

    Catleap says what...

    Argghhh I dunno. I still love my u2410. The buttons on the 2713 look kinda tacky, and this has no card reader :/ I don't think I'll be going to 27" anytime soon.

    Would buy for $367USD. Not paying more than double that.

    I still have my 2408w Dell....
    Would this match well as a bigger brother whose was adopted?
    Or do I stick with the last release?

    The previous model, which is also amazingly awesome, was available for $549 on sale not long ago.

    That seems pretty damn affordable to me, for an excellent 27", 2560x1440 display.

    Don't forget the ever-present Auto Club members discount, for 10% off any monitor:

    Also stacks *on top* of any current discounts they might apply or vouchers you have!

    I'm in need for a new monitor, thank for the heads up!

    I got a discount of about $150 rrp on a U2711 by calling dell and asking to speak to a dell salesman and asking "what is the absolute best price you can do?".


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