Dell CEO Bans Daughter From Using Twitter After She Blabs Family Secrets Online

You’ve got to feel for Michael Dell (Dell’s, err, CEO), who spent $2.56 million on security, only for his daughter to waltz around online, blaring their family whereabouts to all and sundry.

According to Bloomberg, Dell has banned his 18-year-daughter Alexa from using the site, after she revealed a bunch of information about his and a load of the Dell family’s movements, which would make some kind of attack easy-as-pie to plan out, if someone felt the need to target the founder for, I don’t know, a broken USB port or something. What? Stranger things have happened.

Just like any other social media-loving teenager, Alexa has detailed pretty much every move she makes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, even down to the arrival times in NYC and her favourite shopping destinations to, no doubt, how much money she spent on daddy’s credit cards. See, this is the downside to having both lots of money and kids.

The last straw, as the story goes, was when poor Alexa posted her high school graduation dinner invitation that foretold where she and her parents would be in a couple of weeks. Oh dear. Obviously we’re all going to that dinner, right? [Bloomberg via TechEye]

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Image: Alexa Dell



    $2.56 Million on security? Who the hell cares where they are lol.

      I don't know. Anyone who gets it in their mind that the Dell family is very rich and if they were to say kidnap his daughter they might be able to ransom her for a lot of money?

        I wouldn't of thought ransom was easy in this day and age lol. Especially with life in prison if caught lol.

          Yeah, that's why kidnapping, murder and rape are non-existent, Carl.

    Lol image credit goes to... Alexa Dell he he he

    Who cares about Dell and his family? Seriously does he really think he's that important or hated?

      depending on where he is going yes.

      You ever travel to Mexico or South America? If you are a foreigner you are a target. Friends and family that have had to go there for work had body guards just to get from the hotel to the work. The they just do average jobs.

        Are you for real? Have you ever been in Mexico or South America? The typical statement of an ignorant who's only perception of the world is through Schwarzenegger movies.

        I've been and LIVED in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina (with my wife and two year old). Didn't need a body guard to go anywhere. Meet lots of ex pats working for all kinds of organisations (UN, American Embassies, Multinationals) and never heard any scary stories (apart from serious tequila hangovers).

        If you're going to talk (and trash) a place, at least go there first. That's is if you're not to scare to leave your red neck town to see the world.

          yes but you're not world famous for being rich.

          Yes i was (Beunos Aires) 6 mths contract single body guard/driver (he was armed so i considered him a body guard) for me to get to work. Friends were there longer, received security school for kids and were housed in a secured estate.

          Maybe I had a better job than you?

          Theres nothing scary about it, its normal life there, at least for friends and family. Just because you did not experience it does not mean no one else has.

        You are Ignorant! get a life and see the world and stop hiding in the bubble of FOX media. Its amazing how much FOX crap people are being feed and they enjoy eating it. Sigh.

          I don't know if you had a better job than I did, but you certainly have watched more FOX news than me. Unless you're a politician (or a paranoid worker from the American Embassy) I can't think of a reason for needing a body guard in Buenos Aires. Apart from the police, I never met anyone in Bs As who owned a gun or had a body guard. The Embassy people are normally the ones doing that sort of thing, which is why they have become a bit of a joke in the ex pats world.

          Buenos Aires is such a cool city. If you have a chance to ever go back, try taking yourself for a walk and a coffee (with not guns or body guards). You'll be amazed with the amount of ex pats (including Americans) you'll find everywhere that live and love the place. For most ex pats, the biggest risk in Buenos Aires is to put some extra kilos because of the yummy Alfajores that you can buy everywhere.

      Ppeople have been killed for some Petty reasons before.

        You're obviously not rich, and neither am I . I've traveled and have lived an a few foreign countries and pretty much had positive experiences. The equation changes when you have the amount of money people like these do.
        If you think for a minute that just because you're not famous but have money that you are not a target, then you are mistaken. People pay attention when wealthy people travel. A criminal with movement information would definitely use the information of they could hostage someone out for millions of dollars.

    Oh... I don't know... People without money who kidnap people with money... Or target them for other reasons...I will never have money... So it will never phase me... Him... It might...

      Why use...ellipses? Are you...out of breath?

    Maybe they are worried no-one will show?

    More likely Dell is concerned that all this information is put on Twitter, and he suddenly discovers that no-one cares about him, his daughter, or his family. For someone with such an inflated ego as Dell, this would be a terrible validation of his irrelevancy to the world.

      Hahaha, head of the third biggest PC manufacturer in the world irrelevant? That's gold. No mate, your statement is actually irrelevant.

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