New Android Apps: Current Caller ID, Scope, And More

New Android Apps: Current Caller ID, Scope, And More

Here’s your new edition of the best Android apps of the week. This time we’re giving you a wintertime game, a tool for managing your social networks, and so much more. It’s about time to fire up Google Play.

Current Caller ID: You know who’s calling, but do you really know? This app from White Pages will tell you everything you want to know about the person on the other end and then some. It combines info from the phone book with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’ll have no shortage of conversation topics. Free

Gallery Lock: It’s probably a bad idea to keep naked pics on your phone. In the event you have some snapshots you don’t want falling into the wrong hands, you can hide them within different folders in Gallery Lock. Free

Scope: You tweet, you Facebook, you tumble, and you even do a little Instagrammin’. Rather than check every separate app 50 times a day, you can look in one place, Scope, a hub for all your social networks. Free

Einstein Brain Trainer: If you don’t exercise your body, your muscles will wither and atrophy into a useless mush. And the same applies to your brain. You can work out your cranium with a bunch of smart puzzles, games, and teasers with the assistance of a little digital Einstein. Free

Ski Safari: It’s August so you’re already in a chilly state of mind. Fight against yetis and avalanches to escape an icy demise. Best part? You get to race away on snowmobiles. $0.99