Curiosity's First High-Res Image Shows Impressive 6.5km High Mount Sharp

Here you have it. It's not the super-HD panoramic image that everyone is eagerly waiting for, but this is the first high-resolution image of the 6.5km high Aeolis Mons, commonly known as Mount Sharp.

These photos are taken by the hazard cams (Hazcams), which will help scientists direct the rover. The mountain is Curiosity's main target. The hope is that it will reveal the story of Mars and offer opportunities to find traces of life on the red planet.

NASA said in a press conference that that it has confirmed everything is OK in the rover — it's on firm ground and ready to roll.

NASA is giving a press conference now. They have confirmed that everything is ok in the rover too.

Gizmodo is covering the Mars Curiosity mission live from NASA's JPL in Pasadena, California.

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