Curiosity Rover Landing On Mars Looks Beautiful At 25 Frames Per Second

A few weeks ago we all marvelled at the scientific achievement that was landing a nuclear-powered car, named Curiosity, onto the surface of Mars. We've been tracking the movements of Curiosity since it touched down, and now someone has taken the time to smooth out the landing video — that was originally 4 frames per second — so that we can all enjoy it at a silky-smooth 25 frames per second.

We've already seen a jerky version of the Curiosity landing on Mars, but this video is really next level stuff.

The new video comes from a talented redditor who spent four days painstakingly stitching this whole thing together. It's so beautiful, in fact, that some redditors are reporting a few glistening tears from watching it. Thinking about this incredible achievement, it's a wonder to think how anyone can stay stoic throughout the landing and still claim they love science.

Grab the popcorn (or your lunch) and enjoy this incredible look at the surface of Mars. [Reddit]

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