Compact Hydroponics Cube Turns A Parking Spot Into A Vegetable Farm

Tired of paying the exorbitant markup for fresh produce at the supermarket? For a mere $US70,000 — and the cost of finding somewhere else to park your car — this compact hydroponics container lets you grow a farm's worth of vegetables on a minimal chunk of land.

In fact, the creators of the aqua-cube claim it can successfully grow up to 23 different varieties of leafy vegetables or smaller root plants, like radishes and turnips, at the same time. And while $US70,000 is certainly a steep investment, its yield is promised to be upwards of 10,000 heads of lettuce per year. That's perfect for a restaurant with a free parking spot near the kitchen. Just make sure you spring for the rooftop solar panel option to help cut down on the aqua-cube's $US4500 yearly power bill.

[DigInfo TV]

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