Compact Folding Scale For Compact Kitchens

Not all recipes call for precise measurements or require you to painstakingly weigh out every single ingredient. So Joseph Joseph's new TriScale is the perfect tool for measuring ingredients without gobbling up a big chunk of countertop real estate when it's not in use.

A set of swivelling support arms fold away and protect a simple LCD display when the scale is buried in a drawer. But its minimal design doesn't mean the TriScale has limited functionality. Touch-sensitive controls ensure that physical buttons won't get clogged with spilled ingredients, and an "add and weigh" function allows you to do just that -- weigh multiple ingredients as they're all being added to the same bowl. When it hits stores later this year, you'll be able to grab one for an equally minimal $US30. [Joseph Joseph]


    Where's the bowl?

      You put any container on it, then hit zero to get the tare weight.

    It seems that placing a bowl on top of these would almost certainly end in a spillage...?

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