CocoDrill Is An Elegant Solution To An Uncommon Problem

Sometimes you just want some fresh coconut water. How frequent those times are all depends on who you are. If they pop up often, however, this clever coconut drill might come in handy.

The <a href="">CocoDrill by RawNori is a pretty simple device, you just put it up against the surface of your coconut, twist and push. And there you have it, a coconut with a straw-hole in it. Obviously a coconut tap is going to beat stabbing at one with a knife, or some other random kitchen implement, but the real kicker with this model is its built-in cleaning stick, which makes cleaning the tap out easy. If you're a coconut junkie you can pick up one of these at the RawNori website for $US9.99. And apparently there is one, but oddly just one, on Amazon for $US8.99. [7Gadgets]

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