Clean Bottle Runner Review: Better Off Thirsty

Clean Bottle Runner Review: Better Off Thirsty

Running for extended periods of time is difficult if you don’t have water, but water is difficult to carry, never mind your phone and keys. The Runner combines all your essentials in one package that straps firmly onto your hand for easy carrying. But it’s not so good for running.

What Is It?

A mesh strap that attaches to a Clean Bottle. Its built-in iPhone case has pockets for your keys, cards, and cash.

Who’s it For?

Thirsty perambulators.


Purely functional. No embellishments, not even a logo.

Using It

Slide your iPhone in the case, keys in the pocket, top off the bottle, tighten the hand strap and hit the road.

The Best Part

A strap so tight you don’t even need to grip the bottle.

Tragic Flaw

A full bottle feels like running with a dumbbell. A half bottle feels like running with a Shake Weight. Not fun.

This Is Weird…

It’s easier to use when strapped to your non-dominant hand. Probably something to do with the medulla oblongata.

Test Notes

  • The mesh strap breathes, but the plastic bottle doesn’t. Your palm feels like an armpit.
  • It gets heavy. You have to switch hands about every kilometre or so.
  • The phone pocket wouldn’t fit a potentially larger new iPhone.
  • The mesh sides of the iPhone pocket let in moisture. Not good for runs in the rain.
  • Typing texts through the plastic screen cover wasn’t much more difficult than usual.
  • The key pocket is big enough for a key and some cards, but it’s a tight fit.
  • The bottom portion of the strap secures itself by screwing into the removable bottom of the Clean Bottle. It definitely wouldn’t work as well on a bottle without a screw-off bottom.
  • The reflective material on the strap started to crack a little after a few runs.

Should You Buy It?

No. Running with around a kilo of stuff in one hand is too hard. Maybe it would be better if these were sold in pairs — you’d at least be balanced. But that would make the sweaty palm issue even worse since you wouldn’t be able to trade hands. To stay hydrated and hands-free, stuff your wallet and keys in the pocket of a Camelbak.

[$30 from Clean Bottle (comes with 2 bottles)]

Clean Bottle The Runner

• Strap material: Mesh

• Pockets: iPhone, inner card/cash, backside key, 2 elastic loops for gels

• Price: $US30 (with 2 Clean Bottles)

• Giz Rank: 2 stars