Chinese Bootleg Copy Of The Avengers With Subtitles Is Hilarious

Some movies need to be seen in cinemas on the biggest screen you can find. Some movies need to be at least seen in home theatres, on the most comfortable couch you own. No movie should be seen using a black market copy with subtitles that butcher the English language like this copy of The Avengers.

Tumblr user Bileto screencapped sequences from his Chinese Black Market copy of The Avengers, and it's simply outrageous. Maybe I've been doing it wrong. I'm wondering if maybe all movies need to be seen with horrible subtitles for the unintentional comedy factor.

Check out all of the laugh-out-loud subtitles and Scarlett Johansson's wonderful cheekbones here. [Bileto Tumblr via Kaiser Machead]

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    haha this would be better than the real version.

    Yeah, I've seen a lot of black market movies whilst visiting the in-laws when they were living in Vietnam (only could get black market ones). A lot of cases you have to watch the movie twice, one with subtitles, and one without. You get a completely different experience!
    Notable ones: Star Wars - Backstroke of the West (Revenge of the Sith)
    Lord of the Rings - Return of the King.
    I just love it how they throw random swear words in the subtitles.
    Funny stuff!

    On a bus in Cambodia they were playing some Jennifer Aniston romcom or some such which was in English but for some reason also had Engrish sub-titles. The best line was where there person on screen said "we have ways of making you talk" the sub-title read "we have waste of making you dog". Sniggers all over the bus from the English speaking customers :)

    This is where the 'Do not want' thing came from!

    Backstroke of the West is definitely the most famous of these, having spawned the now-ubiquitous "DO NOT WANT" meme.

    When I bought The Fifth Element from JB, turned out it was the French version. Bruce Willis dubbed in French? Surprisingly funny! :--D

      +1 to Backstroke of the West.

      Best comedy ever!

    Where can I download this bootleg lol.

    How do you afraid of lightning? Pfhehehehe

    I had a copy of the The Two Towers years back that was just an incredibly profanity laden rant through all the subtitles.

    When Gollum was screaming 'it burns us, it burns precious', about the elven rope on his neck the text on screen read, 'Sheo b*tch, sheo b*tch, kiss my c**t sheo'. Luckily my kids were too young to read at the time.

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